US House Passes $840B Defense Spending Bill To Boost Troop Pay

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 15, 2022

With fresh threats from China and Russia, the House on July 14, 2022, passed a policy measure.

It would add $37 billion to President Biden’s projected Pentagon budget. This action reflected a growing bipartisan desire in Congress for higher military spending.

Military personnel would receive a 4.6 percent pay raise under the proposed legislation.

US House Passes $840B Defense Spending Bill To Boost Troop Pay

It would also prohibit the Biden administration from selling F-16 fighter jets to Turkey.

US House Passes $840B Defense Spending Bill To Boost Troop Pay

It also mandates that top national security agencies track and combat white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in the federal government’s law enforcement and armed forces. 

Republicans universally rejected the requirement to eradicate racial supremacy. They claim that no such effort was required even though the legislation received strong bipartisan support and passed.

Additionally, the bill authorizes $100 million in funding for Ukrainian military pilots. It also has clauses to reduce civilian casualties from American military operations.

Additionally, it would repeal the law passed in 2002 that allowed for the invasion of Iraq. It has been abused by several administrations to support military action around the globe.

Adam Smith is the chairman of the Armed Services Committee and a Democrat from Washington, Representative. Adam stated that “When you look at Russia, China, and Iran, we have a complicated threat environment.

We are attempting to confront the grave threat posed by the war in Ukraine. It is to bring peace, stability, and democracy not only in Eastern Europe but also globally. Therefore, we must make sure that our bill is robust.”

“We only need to read the most recent headlines about Iranian nuclear ambitions, North Korean missile tests, and ongoing terrorist threats. It is to understand why more funding is required to address today’s security challenges, according to Mr. Golden.”

On the other hand, a recurring attempt to cut the Pentagon’s budget, this year by $100 billion, was spearheaded by Representative Barbara Lee. Barbara is a Democrat from California and was soundly defeated on July 14, 2022, on the House floor.

The main national security agencies were obliged to monitor and combat white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity by federal officials and the armed services. But House Republicans chose to abstain from the vote to adopt the amendment.

Each Republican cast a negative vote. But Arizona’s Representative Andy Biggs publicly stated why he did so on the House floor.

Every service member who expressed interest in or actual participation in a white nationalist has been disciplined, according to Mr. Biggs. The individual was either demoted, fired, or subjected to additional disciplinary measures by the pertinent branch.

There is an attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. It injured dozens of active-duty and retired service personnel. It also prompted attempts at the Pentagon to purge radicalism from the armed services and continues to have an impact on the country.

The vote then took place as a result. The Pentagon revised its anti-extremism policies in December. It strengthened social media prohibitions, altered the way recruits are vetted and looked at ways to stop extremist groups from pursuing retiring service members.

The House also passed a clause that mandates a review of the national security services’ adherence to the legal criteria for reporting domestic terrorism.

It is spearheaded by Democratic New York Representative Kathleen Rice. Only four Republicans voted in favor of it.

It was unclear if the white supremacy phrase was approved by a vote of 218 to 208. It would endure in discussions with the Senate on the legislation that had to pass.

At least some Republican support would be required for the legislation to pass the evenly divided chamber with 60 votes.

In an effort to address the situation where the D.C. mayor was unable to quickly dispatch guard members to the Capitol on Jan. 6, rioters attacked the building.

The lawmakers also voted in the House to grant the mayor of the District of Columbia the same authority over the D.C. National Guard as the governors of states and territories have over their national guards.

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