The Viruses May Be Watching You Before Multiplying And Killing You

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 28, 2022

In one of the most recent research conducted by the University of Michigan, it has been brought forward that after covid-19, the mutation and this exponential speed of activation of different types of viruses and microbes have amazed medical science.

The performance of these microbes depends on the signals the human body provides them, according to which they get activated and start multiplying themselves. This means that all the viruses watch The functioning of the human body. 

The Possibility Exists That Viruses Are Waiting To Multiply And Kill You

When the human body gives them an indication, they automatically multiply and function to the detriment of their health, resulting in fatality and death. It is a major cause of concern that has given rise to mindless killers in the body. There isn’t only one category of the virus but millions of categories of viruses that function on this particular method. One of them is HIV AIDS. Being a retrovirus, it does not immediately enter the cell. 

The Viruses May Be Watching You Before Multiplying And Killing You

It is known for integrating with the cell’s chromosome and waiting for a while Until they get the opportunity to overtake the mitochondria of the cell and exponentially grow themselves by killing the immunity cells inside the body and making a person capable of fighting the different types of diseases. This is only one example of how cells function. The viruses have a safe spot upon which they rest and chill inside the human body until and unless they find the exact time to multiply and infect it. 

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Other instances

Phages are yet another category of microbodies discovered around human cells. Most of them do not get activity at a normal body temperature. Still, the moment the body temperature rises due to the activity of other body cells, such as bacteria and viruses causing fever, these kinds of cells will automatically start multiplying and hence make the individual’s condition much worse. 

These kinds of cells not only increase the number of their species inside the body but also, at the same time, reduce the body’s immunity by killing the target white blood cells. Some of them have got the potential to affect the metabolism of the body permanently. It also damages the individual’s DNA, and if this happens, the individual is prone to many genetic disorders even when he was not born with any. 

Side effects and remedies

Taking control of these kinds of situations becomes very difficult because nobody exactly knows what is inside the body. The side effects of these bacteria and viruses, which closely monitor the body functions and multiply at the correct time, cannot be mitigated that easily. Only with the help of proper diagnosis and evaluation can the individual get an idea about the available disorders inside the body. 

But vaccination can be a good method to control the bacteria and viruses from entering the body and growing into huge clusters on the satisfaction and attainment of certain conditions. All kinds of infections can be treated with antibodies that help build resistance inside the human body in the long run. This helps control the growth of bacteria and save oneself from possible side effects. 


Ultimately, this is one of the most effective sources of information with respect to the available data on the silent Killers inside the body. They must be detected, and proper remedial measures are taken against them. We can damage the body permanently, and it is only in the individual’s best interest that satisfaction can be achieved properly. Additional research in this capacity would be developed to have a better inside of the available acceleration in this particular regard.


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