The US Has Already Claimed The Lives Of Two Kids, Five Warning Signs!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 21, 2022

A disease affecting newborns is sweeping the United States country. Parents are encouraged to watch out for five warning signs. According to their families and the CDC, this ailment known as Human Parechovirus has already claimed the lives of two babies and sickened others.

The US Has Already Claimed The Lives Of Two Kids, Five Warning Signs!

An urgent warning has been issued on a condition. It poses a serious risk of death. It has already claimed the life of one infant and has led to seizures and sepsis in toddlers. The Parechovirus is spreading throughout many states and can be fatal to young infants. The Centers for Disease Control warned on July 19, 2022.

The US Has Already Claimed The Lives Of Two Kids, Five Warning Signs!

Seizures, fever, disorientation, and other symptoms resembling sepsis are reportedly brought on by parechovirus in infants. The warning this week followed the death of an infant last month. After her son Ronan died, his mother Kat DeLancy said, this was not even on my radar.

She said in a statement, “COVID was causing me concern. She was worried about every other virus she had ever heard of. However, she was unfamiliar with this one. The CDC issued a warning following the recent infant deaths of Ronan DeLacy and Waylon Hood, both of whom were a little over a month old.”

According to the organization, healthcare practitioners in many states have reported receiving instances of PeV infections in neonates and young babies. According to Ronan’s mother, Kat DeLancy, parents should search for additional symptoms in addition to the typical fever.

Despite what the CDC claims, DeLancy claimed, “infant Ronan’s earliest symptoms were a refusal to eat, irritability, and redness. She remarked that several children will go undiagnosed and care will be delayed. It is when one looks for fever as a diagnostic marker.”

Ronan has never experienced a fever, and she mentioned it. She has talked to a number of other parents whose kids have had this illness, and they all agreed. A source informed through Waylon’s mother, Maddison Hood. Her son’s body temperature was also lower than usual and had to be raised by wrapping him in a warm blanket.

He stopped breathing as soon as he was put down on the blanket. They had to intubate him and perform a spinal tap and a CT scan, according to Hood. The infection caused severe brain damage and epilepsy in both Ronan and Waylon.

Following the example of Ronan and Waylon, one should keep in mind these five red flags:

  • Irritability
  • Redness
  • Appetite loss
  • Trouble breathing
  • Seizures

Additionally, parents need to be informed that the virus is particularly deadly for infants under three months old. The strain that is presently circulating is the most severe, according to a source. The CDC stated that although PeV has no known cure. A diagnosis could aid in the creation of management plans and offer crucial family health information.

One preventative measure is to avoid increasing exposure. It is to the people while your newborn is in the hospital. DeLancy emphasized that, in her opinion. The exposure was more likely to have occurred at the hospital.

The advice doctors have been giving is to “keep babies away from sick individuals.” 

He had been uncovered to many more individuals only hospital workers. He was in the hospital, and it’s conceivable that’s where many of these kids are getting the virus, the doctor said.

Ronan died at the age of 34. But his parents described his final time with him as amazing. DeLancy told a source, “He opened his eyes an hour before he died, and we lost him.” The pair have claimed Ronan’s last-minute involvement. It has kept them motivated to raise awareness of this uncommon illness and advocate for additional testing.

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