What Makes A Person A Pathological Liar? The Complete Information

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 14, 2022

The human being is always very vulnerable to lying, according to his convenience. It has become a common feature of social interactions. The most crucial reason to lie is to drive out the things in your favor. 

But when it comes to pathological lying, it is a different concept because it is not only a standard part of the interaction but also related to undefined mental health conditions, which can also cause personality disorders. This pathological lying is now being identified as a mental disorder that requires proper treatment before it aggravates the person’s condition in the long run. 

What Exactly Is Pathological Lying? 

It is a mental condition in which a person makes a false statement to deceive others. The person has a clear-cut motive and intention to lie to get a personal game in return. It is not something that she does out of intention and on the spot to rescue himself from a situation. Still, it is a mental condition in which he compulsively lies, and the kind of benefit he can get from this process is also not identified. 

What Makes A Person A Pathological Liar?

There is a lot of difference between pathological lying and nonpathological lying. The first refers to a compulsive decision that can sometimes lead to a mental disorder.

The second is a kind of shared social practice that the individual can easily practice over time. Sometimes it becomes difficult to detect a pathological lie for want of motive.

This kind of mental condition can also result in causing a lot of personal problems, which can make interaction with family members and friends very difficult. 

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After understanding the characteristics of this kind of problem, it is essential to know why these mental disorders can occur in people. Much research has been conducted in this area, but the exact reasoning behind this kind of order has not been discovered. It is also not known whether this kind of mental disorder is the cause or the effect of any other kind of mental condition or if it is an individual mental condition in itself that is caused due to any other factors.

According to the research conducted by the University of California, it is believed that this kind of pathological syndrome is the cause of a factitious disorder. According to this disorder, an individual usually believes that he is mentally ill when he is not. But whether or not a relationship exists between them is something that needs to be substantiated with other kinds of research over time. In light of these uncertainties, it is essential to discover the actual cause Before any medical treatment in this respect is developed. A better perspective could be developed only with the additional benefit. 


Until and unless it is not determined what is the actual cause of this kind of problem then a kind of treatment cannot be determined in this respect, and that is why the researchers are first of all trying to focus on the cause before focusing on any other perspective. It is responsible for providing a better impact and impetus over some time. 


It can be concluded that this is one of the most essential and valuable criteria, with the help of which additional benefits can be easily discovered. It is a process with the help of which a mental disorder would be easily prevented so that it becomes convenient for the person to understand the actual cause behind the same. 


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