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What Would Be The Cost Of An eCommerce Website In 2021?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 23, 2020

As a successful eCommerce website owner, one should have a clear picture of his customer needs. Maintaining a website that is appealing to the visitors is as important as profit build up in your eCommerce business. Knowing how much it would cost for an eCommerce website in 2021 could help you plan better. 

In the eCommerce business, the connection between your website’s internal resources and your vision of digital transformation matters rather than adapting to eCommerce perspectives for success. To raise your competitiveness higher, it’s important to be aware of the expenses so that you have a balanced approach.

What Would Be The Cost Of An eCommerce Website In 2021?

Three key factors determine the cost of building an eCommerce website: the infrastructure, design and functionality, and the progressing functions. 

What Would Be The Cost Of An eCommerce Website In 2021?

  1. The Infrastructure

To select the right podium according to your budget requires a transparent sight of your goals based on your potentialities. 

  • Ecommerce platform

You can either opt for investing in a custom developed platform or buying a readymade SaaS resource. If you choose the second, it requires you to pay a subscription charge per month or year. Initial charges would be between $29.99-$299.99 in a month or further. The benefit of such readymade platforms is their convenience to set up and manage without any technical knowledge. However, it is not sufficient to meet all of your needs, and it requires subscription charges if you add in its functions. 

At the same time, you have an option to customize the website on your own. Refer to the Kibo code quantum basics to find the best options to customize your website. There you can effectively meet your goals to drive long-term customer value, reinforce your brand, and improve your competence. To customize your website would be more expensive than opting for a readymade one. The cost would range from $25,000- $250,000 accordion to your needs, the quality, and the engagement model.

  • Hosting

It is crucial to determine where to host your website during the build-up of your eCommerce business. If you have a good hosting service it would help your site to be more available to the customers and lower down its downtime. In Saas programs, there are boundaries in trafficking. Once it reaches the limit, a new fee will be charged. For a self-hosted website, the cost would be $3 initially, and to be expanded to $250 in a month.

Whereas in custom-developed websites, the cost starts at $350 -$2000 and more in a year. To ensure your site’s smooth running and safety, choosing a reliable service is significant, though it costs more.

  • Payment services

The payment services take a major part of your total cost for your eCommerce website.

The payment processing requires you to pay approximately 2.9% per transaction with other tiny expenses like $0.30. Unless you have an integrated payment portal, you have to go with other payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, or the like.

  • SSL Certificate

Your clients should be worried about their security in their financial data. To ensure a safe connection protecting their personal information, SSL certificates can assist you. The payment of SSL certificates ranges from $10- $100 per year.

The Design and Functionality

The visual appearance and functional potentials would decide much of your site’s cost. There is a predefined theme library from where you can get the essentials to design the layout without any pain. There the cost would range according to your needs too. This readymade platform would need updates for the varying needs of the customer and you, but not without the gradual increase in your budget. 

But in customized platforms, you can have a limitless number of options to personalize your website, if you can afford it. $1000 to $100,000 would be the cost of expanding from a small to a larger scale of organizations.

Progressing Functions

Once the website is developed and designed well, your business requires it to be maintained and marketed properly. If you maintain and support your site adequately, you can ensure the best performance and on-time response to errors and bugs which can be obstacles in the path of customer experience. The customized platforms require $500 and more per month for a subscription price. The improved marketing strategy also covers majorly your total cost.

You can evaluate the total cost considering all of your requirements, and their complexity. The further expenses would come on platform add-ons, plugins, and extensions.

Nikki Attkisson

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