WHO: The Pandemic’s End Is Near

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 16, 2022

The World Health Organisation has come up with the latest finding. According to the recent report of the World Health Organisation, it has been finally said that the end of the pandemic is near, and the cases of covid-19 will continue to show up. The report has been published in the Lancet. It has already been known that the world is experiencing a huge wave of infection, which is completely related to the omicron variant. 

It was around 17th January 2022 that 125 million infections were reported each day in the world. The unprecedented increase in this level of disease has been able to suggest that more than 50% of the world’s population was infected with this virus. This ratio is more than what could be discovered earlier in the second and third waves. But many cases in this particular wave were asymptomatic as well. 

This proportion of patients who did not exhibit any symptoms has increased elasticity in the 2 years, due to which the detection of covid-19 in the patients becomes technically impossible. Accordingly, the Global infection detection rate has declined from 20% to only 5%. In fact, out of all the cases infected with omicron, only 60% of the patients had symptoms, and the remaining 40% did not exhibit any symptoms even after testing positive. 

Facts To Worry About

Due to the increasing proportion of people getting infected with omicron, hospital admissions are also increasing. The demand for health workers is the highest compared to during the time of covid-19. In light of these situations, the time taken for recovery has been reduced from 7 weeks to an average of 3 to 4 weeks. But over, the dependency on medical facilities has increased due to the deteriorating health conditions of a lot of people. 

 WHO: The Pandemic's End Is Near

The World Health Organisation has also advised many countries to follow the guidelines that the countries used to follow at the time of covid-19 to prevent this omicron spread. This is a major cause of worry for maximum people for the time being because even after 2 years of struggling with covid-19, the mutations of the virus are so fast that it is propounding the development of a new kind of virus altogether. The only factor of relief is that the number of deaths has not increased ever since the time of January 2022. It has only decreased over time. 

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End of pandemic

After analyzing the current position of infections in light of the vaccination drive undertaken by almost every country, the World Health Organisation has concluded that the time is near when the pandemic will end after 2 years of continuous struggle. It is because, no doubt, the virus mutates after a short interval of time. 

Still, with the help of vaccination, the immunity in the individual has been developed to put up front against the virus. In light of this development, it can be ultimately understood that even though the infections come, they do not cause death and any severe chronic illness to the individual. This is nothing but evidence of immunization. 


It is only with the help of this particular perspective that, finally, people can come out of the trauma they have faced due to the prevalence of Covid 19. It is one of the most important concerns that need to be considered over the period so that a better development of different factors can occur. It is the ultimate support system to be available.


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