WinterSecret Pro Reviews: An Instant Heating Device To Keep Body Warm!

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 14, 2021

Hey Folks! This is my honest WinterSecret Pro review, which describes an innovative device to warm your body in winter.

Winter is coming, as exciting it is to see snowflakes and snowfall, winter could be a very uncomfortable season. In winter, we all require a device that will keep warm us during the weather. There are many options for this but most of them are either costly or not user-friendly.

WinterSecret Pro Reviews: Could This Device Keep Your Body Warm?

WinterSecret Pro is a device that has become pretty famous in the market because of its unique features and functionality. Read till the end of the review to get a picture of WinterSecret Pro and to know, is it really innovative and user-friendly as it claims to be. So keep reading this WinterSecret Pro review.

WinterSecret Pro Reviews
Product NameWinterSecret Pro
Main BenefitsHelp to keep the body warm.
Specific FeaturesEasily chargeable, Three heating intensity system, Weatherproof
Price1 WinterSecret Pro- $67 per jacket
2 WinterSecret Pro- $49 per jacket
4 WinterSecret Pro-$42 per jacket
Warranty3-year warranty
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is WinterSecret Pro?

WinterSecret Pro is a device that combines technology with fashion ensuring it provides warmth without being bulky or uncomfortable. It is a sleeveless heating jacket that acts as an electric heating system used to keep warm. WinterSecret Pro is effective in any weather conditions with three intensity settings providing you the ultimate warmth that you have always wanted during your winter activities.

It can be used for anybody, anywhere, and in any condition. It has been created to provide comfort and warmth regardless of the weather conditions so you can enjoy your winter sports or simply keep yourself warm all day long.

Its efficiency makes it great for people who are working out in the morning or evening. This device is most useful for sports fanatics, outdoor enthusiasts, or just people who are looking for the best way to stay warm during winter. It has been designed to keep you warm and comfortable during any sports activity such as skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey or just simply walking to work in chilly weather.

What are the features of WinterSecret Pro?

WinterSecret Pro is useful for many individuals who do not have the luxury of having central heating. This device has various features that include:

Easily chargeable-It can accommodate batteries of 3 different sizes with varying voltage capacities which makes it convenient to use almost any power bank available on the market.

Material-The material used in producing this winter jacket is durable; the lining is of superior quality and does not pill, and the material used to make the heating pad is also of high quality.

Three heating intensity system-It has a three-heating intensity setting, which makes it simple to use even when on the move.

Weatherproof-It is completely weatherproof in any condition meaning that you can wear it anywhere, even in rain or during cold wet weather.

Userfriendly-It is completely washable, which means you can clean it without worrying about damaging the has an ergonomic design making it comfortable to wear; has high-quality lining for improved comfort and long-term durability.

Long lasting-This device has a waterproof and wearable design and is durable ensuring it lasts for a long period.

Temperature indicator-The temperature indicator lets you know if the device is still plugged in and also when it is ready for use.

Features of Winter Secret Pro

How do WinterSecret Pro works?

WinterSecret Pro works by converting electricity into thermal energy that is later released into the body. As soon as you connect the device to your power bank, it starts producing heat that will warm up your body in a matter of seconds making you feel comfortable and warm when engaging in winter activities.

WinterSecret Pro produces heat immediately you plug it in. You can choose the right setting from the three heating intensity settings so it fits your needs. It has a temperature indicator to let you know if the device is still plugged in and also when it is ready for use. The heating pads are made in a way that ensures the heat produced warms your body completely to provide you with warmth for hours.

The heating pads are not only designed to warm the back but also the chest, abdomen, and shoulders. This ensures that you get warmth even in sensitive parts of your body. You can apply heat therapy by heating the pads before use. This provides the muscles with soft heat which boosts blood flow. The device is also suitable for individuals who are suffering from tendonitis, arthritis, or other joint pains as it provides warmth to the affected joints.

For your convenience, WinterSecret Pro comes with its charging cables so you can use any of the power banks available on the market without having to purchase a new one.

Winter Secret Pro working

What are the benefits of WinterSecret Pro?

WinterSecret Pro is a great solution if you are looking for the best way to keep warm during winter. Some of the benefits of this device include:

Convenient to use-It has various features that make it user-friendly, durable, and long-lasting; this ensures that you can use it whenever and wherever you want. It is easily changeable and can accommodate batteries of different sizes which makes it easy to use with standard power banks.

The weatherproof-This device is completely weatherproof in any condition and you can wear it wherever you want, even during rain or during chilly wet weather without worrying about damage to the device.

Washable-It has a water-resistant design and is completely washable; this makes it simple to maintain and easy to use.

The ergonomic design-The device is in the form of a jacket that is comfortable and has an ergonomic design making it suitable for both men and women.

Heat therapy-It provides heat therapy by producing heat immediately you plug it in, you can set the heating intensity to suit your needs and it warms up instantly.

Long battery life-WinterSecret Pro comes with an improved heating system that ensures that you get heat for a long period. It can accommodate standard power banks and this means that you won’t have to buy a new one just to use this device. You can plug in the device to any power bank available.

Suitable for individuals who are experiencing pain-This device is suitable for individuals who are suffering from tendonitis, arthritis, or other joint pains because it provides warmth to the affected joints.

Pros and Cons of WinterSecret Pro

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of WinterSecret Pro, the advantages of the device weigh more than the disadvantages. Even though the advantages are more, it is better to know both pros and cons of the device.


  • It is completely weatherproof in all conditions
  • Simple to maintain and use
  • The plug and play feature lets you wear it anywhere you want without worrying about attached wires or charging time
  • Suitable for everyone irrespective of gender and age
  • Affordable


  • It comes in limited colors
  • Available only on the official website

Is WinterSecret Pro legit or not?

WinterSecret Pro heating jacket has proved to be the best way to stay warm during winter. It has various features such as convenience, weatherproof design, and ergonomic look that makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to get warmth throughout the year. Viewing the overall customer reviews of the device, WinterSecret Pro seems like a legit device.

The manufacturer provides a lot of offers such as 50% off and free shipping under certain terms and conditions. Also, you can avail of a 3-year warranty on the device for only 9 dollars.

WinterSecret Pro Customer reviews and complaints

WinterSecret Pro Customer reviews show that the device is an ideal one if you are looking for the best way to stay warm during cold weather. Customers have praised the device for being effective, durable, easy to use, cheap, and comfortable. If there had been any complaint about the device, the manufacturer has taken care of it properly.

The manufacturer has been in this business for several years and, the company is committed to providing efficient services that meet the needs of its customers. The company’s customer service department works round the clock to address any issues.

WinterSecret Pro heating jacket comes with no risk of dealing with fake products since it can only be purchased on the website of its manufacture.

WinterSecret Pro Pricing and where to buy it?

WinterSecret Pro is only available at its official site which means that it’s not available in retail stores or online stores apart from the manufacturer’s website. As already mentioned, WinterSecret Pro is sold at a reasonable price which makes it affordable for everyone.

The pricing of WinterSecret Pro is given below:

⌛1 WinterSecret Pro- $67 per jacket
⌛2 WinterSecret Pro- $49 per jacket
⌛4 WinterSecret Pro-$42 per jacket

The manufacturer offers a buy 2 get one free offer and buy 3 get 2 free offer too.

Final Verdict on WinterSecret Pro Reviews

In my opinion, WinterSecret Pro is legit and one of the most innovative ways to keep yourself warm.

It comes with various features that make it an ideal choice for individuals looking to get warmth throughout the year. Other than heating, this device has other added benefits such as ergonomic design and different color options too.

The WinterSecret Pro heating jacket is an excellent device that provides warmth in the cold. Any individual who lives in areas with cold climates or spends time outdoors will need this product. According to the WinterSecret Pro reviews, there are many reasons why this heating jacket is better than other heating pads on the market, but there are additional benefits for individuals who look closely at all of their options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would need to wear it?

Everyone can wear this device hence do not see anybody who wouldn’t need to wear it, but in case somebody does not have one, they are living in the warmest areas of the world.

How do I use it?

You just wear it like normal clothing, you just plug in a power bank, say an hour before using it, and then unplug your device after using it. This way of operation is very simple and convenient.

How long does it take to warm up?

This jacket is designed to be used within 20 seconds of being plugged in, needless to say, how convenient this device is.

How exactly do you wash it?

A user must first make sure they have disconnected the device from the power bank before washing it. Then they must be sure to use a detergent. After that, the user must simply wash the device like any other garment and then let it dry in the air.

Where can I get the 3-year warranty of 9 dollars?

The user must simply place an order for four or more of these jackets to get that offer, and then once they receive their shipment, they should contact customer service.


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