A Woman Is Allergic To Gravity! Can’t Stand For More Than 3 Minutes

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 9, 2022

Every day, specific peculiar facts are experienced around the individuals creating headlines. Something similar has happened to a woman in the United Kingdom.

Lyndsi Johnson is a 28-year-old woman who lives in the United Kingdom. She has come to the headlines due to a unique and peculiar syndrome from which she has been suffering for an extended period. It was pretty surprising for the world to accept that this woman is allergic to Gravity.

It is also essential to drink to light that the woman couldn’t stand even for more than 3 minutes, and she used to faint more than ten times a day until and unless this problem of hers was not diagnosed.

This has been the most peculiar case that has affected the medical scientists who are all functioning to understand why this is taking place. 

Women’ Allergic To Gravity’ Spend 23 Hours In Bed And Can’t Stand For More Than 3 Minutes

This woman was diagnosed with a unique kind of syndrome responsible for making her allergic to Gravity. This syndrome was none other than Postural Tachycardia syndrome. After getting diagnosed, she was on proper medication, but this pied that she used to faint 3 to 4 times a day and could not manage to stand for more than 15 minutes. After analyzing this kind of disease, it was brought forward that this is nothing but a condition of the heart in which the heartbeat increases beyond the prescribed limit. 

A Woman Is  Allergic To Gravity! Can't Stand For More Than 3 Minutes

It is difficult to imagine a relationship between the increase in the heartbeat to an allergy to Gravity. This is probably the first incident about which medical science had no idea. She has been suffering from the problem since the year of 2015. But since then, there has been no looking back at all. Initially, the doctors were not even in the position to understand what was exactly wrong with her because it was a very different kind of problem, and nobody could ever think that it was related to the heartbeat and the same speed. 

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What were the symptoms? 

She worked in the navy and used to travel from one place to another. But soon after 2015, she started experiencing symptoms of this syndrome. She used to faint very often. Not only this, but they also shared a high degree of abdominal pain which was technically impossible for any individual to bear. She vomited a lot, and every time she experienced migraine attacks.

After visiting multiple doctors from different parts of the world, it became technically impossible for her to find any kind until it was discovered that she was a victim of this peculiar syndrome. This is all connected with the heart rate. In such a situation, the only treatment she could ever have was controlling the heartbeat so that she does not experience the same kind of restlessness that forces her to faint each time. 

It is entirely uncertain whether a permanent treatment for this would ever be developed. In light of the same, it becomes critically essential to understand and evaluate the existing number of available medicines. But it is not known as a matter of fact that better the same would be effective or not. 


This woman is living a callous life. Doctors are trying to make every possible attempt to give the best treatment, but some things remain beyond the control of the individual, and despite the best effort, nothing can be done. It is very effective to note that all of the steps that are being made by the medical industry to make it possible for that woman to live a better life will not go wasted, and she’ll live a heavy life anytime soon.

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