Efficacy And Risks Of Statins In Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases In Adults

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 1, 2022

A statement has been made by the United States preventive services task force. This statement can provide information about all the studies conducted to cover the said advantages and disadvantages of Statins to reduce mortality related to cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases usually have become an essential reason for death. The incidence of all of this is increasing to a great extent. In such a situation, it is essential to understand that this occurrence of cardiovascular diseases usually differs according to Gender and ethnicity, including the location of the individual.

Risks And Benefits Of Statins In The Primary Prevention Of Cardiovascular Diseases In Adults

For instance, black adults in the United States of America have the most excellent chances of getting affected by this kind of problem as compared to white people.

Efficacy And Risks Of Statins In Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases In Adults

Medical experts have constantly been working to develop a kind of treatment that has a significant effect on curing and reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. That is why research has been conducted concerning the data of the existing trials, which extend up to the maximum duration of 40 years. According to this data, statin’s effect is observed in the exact mechanism. 

Study And The Findings

According to the latest finding published in the journal of the American Medical Association, all the benefits and risks associated with using statins are being observed across different Geographic areas. The intention is to develop a clue with the help of which at least some scoop of treatment of cardiovascular disease could be developed. 

The research used different protein intensities according to lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Around 22 different experiments were conducted to evaluate the role of statin in regulating the risk associated with cardiovascular mortality. Out of all these 22 trials, around 18 displayed a positive correlation between this protein and the reducing mortality caused by cardiovascular diseases. 

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Age-specific and group-specific research

The analysis of all the results that were produced after the successful conduct of the experiment has been able to signify an effective treatment to cure cardiovascular diseases. But it was also discovered that the age of the individual plays a vital role in deciding the efficacy of the treatment. 

It was observed that statin was not equally effective in the population of the age group of 75 + as it was influential in the age group less than 75 years of age. This is somehow not related to the prevalence of different Lifestyle conditions and other types of health problems that a person can face. It was also essential to understand that the cross socio-economic groups discovered different types of deviations in the outcome of this therapy. 

Way forward

Now that the positive correlation between this particular statin and the risk of cardiovascular diseases has been successfully established with the help of clinical experiments, developing treatment in light of this protein inclusion is essential. Doctors have also assured us that including this protein in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is a practical choice to save people from the threat of an increased mortality rate. It is one of the essential types of consideration that must be considered. According to the experts, recovery can also be in hand with the help of this possible treatment. 


It has to be concluded that the risk of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented only with the help of this positive relationship establishment. But what is essential to be noted at this moment is the limitation of the study that it is only feasible across the country of the United States of America. A holistic approach is required to establish the treatment’s supremacy over the period.


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