The Ultimate ‘AGT’ Prank By Creepy Celebrity Sisters!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 16, 2022

AGT’s judges are notorious for their practical jokes, most notably last season when Simon Cowell pretended to be fatally struck in the chest by an arrow, almost killing his co-star Sofia Vergara. That “contestant” had been on the AGT stage before, so they had the perfect opportunity to pull a great joke on them this time.

The Ultimate ‘AGT’ Prank By Creepy Celebrity Sisters!

Monique and Stefani, known as Duo Rag Dolls, appeared on stage on Tuesday, about halfway through America, in Harajuku Girl pinafores, pastel Sia wigs, Hello Kitty hair bows, Kardashian-Esque vocal fry, as they strutted their stuff as the ugly stepsisters of Melanie Martinez or Sally from The Night Before Christmas.

The Ultimate 'AGT' Prank By Creepy Celebrity Sisters

 They teased the judges ” like Broadway” by saying, “what we do is aesthetically spectacular and highly creative.” It piqued the judges’ interest. They were booed repeatedly and received four red Xs for their hapless performance on the AGT stage to Britney Spears’s “Toxic,” which was neither beautiful nor impactful. Instead, the weird pair stumbled about the platform with their giant lollipops and human-sized Care Bears.

If someone had come up to rehearsals last night, it would have been much better for everyone involved; Stefani complained passive-aggressively, putting her lavender-wigged best friend on the spot. You’re not going to blame me right now,” Monique scoffed, but she admitted that Duo Rag Dolls’s childish performance had “a touch-off” throughout her psyche. “You were dreadful,” said the judge. Stefani said, “You were terrible,” to which Stefani and Monique responded by flinging each other around like dolls. At this time, their act took on a life of its own and became funny.

Rag Dolls argue about their performance approach on “America’s Got Talent.”

At this point, the girls stormed out of the audience towards Simon‘s judging desk and repeatedly set off Simon’s red buzzer. One of the girls exclaimed, “Was that harsh enough for you?” as the wigs flew. Nikki Bella and her twin sister, WWE star Brie Bella, were revealed as the Duo Rag Dolls in a shocking twist worthy of The Masked Singer. 

His “no” was replaced with a “yes,” Simon laughed and said with a wink, “You two are evil.” A brawl between the Bella Twins, costumed as Bratz dolls, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for any drunken Las Vegas visitor. 

In the end, it was clear that Duo Rag Dolls would not move to the next round. Still, an even worse living doll, ten-year-old Harper Akudama from the United Kingdom, would: she seemed to be an angel until she opened her mouth and shrieked with the frightening and horrifying voice of a demon (or Cookie Monster). “It was amazing,” she said. “It was like a mouse turning into a vampire bat,” Simon stated, who seemed to be a metal fan.

Simon called 18-year-old Australian contemporary dancer Max Ostler “Harry’s dancing styles.” At the same time, Sara James, a former Eurovision Junior/The Voice Poland trainee who got Simon’s Golden Buzzer, proceeded to the next round with Harper. Watch next Tuesday to see if any more mystery celebrities show dressed as Raggedy Annie since there are only two Golden Buzzers left: Heidi and Sofia.

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