Famous British Rapper Aitch Decided To Open Up His Relationship With Chicken Shop Date Amelia Dimoldenberg For The First Time!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

In a recent interview, Aitch was able to speak about his relationship with Emilia. This actress was none other than the one who played a tremendous part in the chicken shop. The most important part about this disclosure has been that it was for the posting and all the years that the actor has come for wood to express his feelings and his dating status with the actress.

Aitch Breaks Silence On His Relationship With Amelia Dimoldenberg In Public

They have been dating for the past five years. They both have loved each other insanely, but they decided against not revealing this in front of the media and the public over the period. They did not want any controversy to come up between them or the media to cover them at every step they took.

Famous British Rapper Aitch Decided To Open Up His Relationship With Chicken Shop Date Amelia Dimoldenberg For The First Time

Type of relation

After the last movie of the chicken shop that they did together, they were spotted millions of times in public places such as malls. They even used to visit new places and destinations together in the position to enjoy the best part of life by undertaking different types of trips and vacations to the most amazing locations there, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The best part of the story is that they always went on a trip with their friends and close family members to avoid getting spotted. They even took time for each other to visit the cafe dates and other types of romantic stuff. The most important part of this desire was the primary feeling that they did not want to review and reveal that they were in a relationship. 

Need to go public

However, recently they have taken the first step to go public. They posted a photograph on Instagram holding hands and writing the caption that this is the best sunset of my life. It explained the kind of love they already enjoyed with each other. It also depicted the immense love that they have been hiding for so many years now. It is because of the essential reason they did not want any controversy or any kind of obstacle in their love life due to the media and any other third party. It has been able to drive both of them crazy over the period, and now when they have finally taken up the step to go public, they have expressed how genuinely they love each other. 

The level of the closeness

Their close friend has revealed that this is the best kind of feeling that they can experience for the time being after so many years. They always doubted that if they expressed their feelings in public, nobody would understand them, and ultimately they both would lose the only love of their life. This will get very awkward for them initially because, in all these years, they have not even taken a single step to express their feelings for each other in public. And now, when they have gathered the courage to introduce all these feelings to the public, they are even scared about the primary feelings.

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