Are Low doses Of Edoxaban Is Effective For Elderly AFib Patients?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 29, 2022

It was already considered that patients beyond a certain age were not eligible for oral anticoagulant therapy. A considerable amount of risk was associated with the intake of this therapy by the elderly. It is essential to understand the risk of bleeding and other adverse outcomes. But a new study has found that a low dosage of Edoxaban can be an effective and safe treatment option for frail patients. 

This particular kind of antibiotic medicine can help treat elderly atrial fibrillation. It has already been established with the help of evidence. This kind of treatment is referred to as the direct intake of anticoagulants. If this treatment is given effect on the patients, then accordingly, it becomes possible for them to overcome the risk associated with frailty.

This particular finding will now be able to change how a given result can be propounded. It will also be effective to motivate the doctors to prescribe a low level of this particular drug according to the individual’s age group and bleeding history so that the same could be prevented over the period. 

Negative Effects Of Anticoagulants

According to the study published in the journal of molecular cells in 2019, it was found that if older adults are given the dose of anticoagulants, they can be exposed to a high amount of risk connected with bleeding and even the development of paralysis. It can also affect the heart’s arteries and block the lungs’ blood vessels.

Are Low doses Of Edoxaban Is Effective For Elderly AFib Patients?

The imbalance in blood pressure can increase the risk of cardiac arrest and other associated heart problems. In such a situation, most doctors were never willing to give this drug to older adults. But this new study has been responsible for increasing a Ray of hope by mitigating the side effects associated with the intake of these drugs. 

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Results and findings

A total of 12000 older adults above the age group of 65 were studied in a sample. Not only this but also an attempt was made to bring additional associated factors and other types of tangents. After proper analysis, 15 ml of this particular anticoagulant was given in the proportion of 1 to one. After a couple of days, it was discovered that this low quantity of medicine was actually helpful in order to overcome the disadvantages that were known earlier. 

It was also discovered that all the risks of frailty could be mitigated with the help of this effective treatment. But it was only effective in a low quantity because a subsequent sample of 1000 older people was taken, and the quantity was increased to 50 ml. In such a situation, the risk to these people increased greatly. That is why in such a situation, what became important was to analyze the existing state of affairs and accordingly find a solution to this deadly infection that was taking a toll on the lives of the elderly.


It has to be concluded that the positive correlation between a low quantity consumption of anticoagulants and increasing benefits being obtained has been able to result in the development of better treatment for curing afib. It is definitely essential to prevent the situation of reaching fatalities. This concept of analysis has taken been helpful to control the existing amount of risk. It has been possible to mitigate all of this with the help of effective tools of measurement that try to record the observations very clearly.


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