Beginner Yoga Exercises For Building Strength

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 23, 2022

For ages, Yoga has been popular worldwide. When practiced regularly, yoga offers up a lot of health benefits.

Yoga has been used popularly for relaxing your mind and body as it helps in reducing anxiety and stress. Yoga makes your entire body flexible.

It builds your entire core and strengthens your body in addition to nurturing your mind.

Yoga Exercises That Help In Building Strength

Let me introduce you to a few yoga exercises that help in building strength. These exercises are beginner friendly and can be performed by anyone.

Beginner Yoga Exercises For Building Strength
  1. Downward-facing dog:

The downward-facing dog is also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana. This is one of the best strengthening exercises, although it looks like a resting posture. Downward dog corrects the imbalances of your body. You will notice stability in your joints and flexibility in your muscles. It helps in making your entire body flexible. You have to come down on your hands and knees, with a shoulder distance between your hands and a hip distance apart from your knees. Ensure your legs are straight. When practiced regularly you will notice your hamstrings and calves stretching easily. This exercise will also lower tension in your neck and back. 

  1. Utkatasana:

Sitting low, like sitting in a chair, is called utkatasana. When you do this you will feel a burn in your thighs. You can also lift your arms while maintaining this position to strengthen your shoulders, upper back, and arm muscles. When you do Utkatasana every day you could feel your arms and thighs strengthening over time. This pose builds your core strength.

  1. Sukhasana:

Sukhasana strengthens your abdomen and opens your hips. It will relax your entire upper body. Sukhasana aligns your spine and positions your shoulder thereby resulting in a perfect posture. It increases the mobility of your body and strengthens your lower half. If you are habituated to sitting for long hours, sukhasana is the best yoga practice for you since it also helps in stretching your knees. Sukhasana is ideal for people with rigid body types. 

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  1. Forearm plank:

The forearm plank helps in strengthening your core. It stabilizes and balances the power of your body. This plank relieves your body of the stress accumulated in your core. It helps in building up your muscles. A range of muscles is involved in a forearm plank which accelerates your calorie burn. Lower your knees on the mat and place your elbows beneath your shoulders. Ensure your palms are facing downward. Draw in your legs and raise them five inches off the floor. If done correctly, a forearm plank will strengthen your abs and legs in addition to strengthening your core. 

  1. Child pose:

A child pose will stretch your lower back, hips, thighs, knees, spine, shoulders, and neck. It helps in relaxing the muscles of your lower body. This is ideal to be done in between two exercises as it relaxes your entire body and helps in preparing it for the next pose.

  1. Virabhadrasana:

Virabhadrasana is also called a ‘Warrior pose’. When performed regularly it helps in strengthening your arms, glutes, and legs. It develops a sense of balance in your body. This pose energizes your entire body and supports your ankle and lower back. Your respiratory organ will function effectively when you practice the warrior pose regularly. This pose also opens up your hips, chest, and your lungs. 

Your entire body will be toned when you practice yoga regularly. Yoga strengthens your body by increasing your muscle power. If you perform the above-mentioned exercises regularly you will feel the rigidness in your body melting away and notice the increased strength and muscle power. 


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