‘Beware’- Popular Vitamin Supplement Raises The Risk Of Cancer And Brain Metastasis

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 16, 2022

The University of Missouri has come up with the latest study. According to the findings, it has been confirmed that different dietary supplements consumed by human beings have a very negative effect on the body and ultimately increase the risk of cancer and brain metastasis.

Health supplements are always included in the diet. The most important purpose of these health supplements is the supply additional vitamins and minerals to the human body to boost immunity in the long run. 

But different types of supplements, such as nicotinamide riboside, probably a type of B3 version, have been proven to cause harmful effects on the human being.

A Common Vitamin Supplement Raises The Risk Of Cancer And Brain Metastasis

These types of supplements would typically be believed to be linked to providing benefits to the metabolism and neurological health of the body.

'Beware'- Popular Vitamin Supplement Raises The Risk Of Cancer And Brain Metastasis

The research, however, has shown results otherwise. It has been discovered that the excessive consumption of the titties supplement can multiply the risk of developing triple-negative breast cancer

It can also increase the possibility of developing tumors inside the brain. This is a serious health condition because, despite the latest developments reported by medical science, it isn’t possible to cure tumors and cancer inside the brain without damaging a substantial portion.

That is why supplement consumption must be taken into Accord as soon as possible to prevent oneself from the risk of cancer. 

Why is the supplement so harmful? 

Usually, the supplement was considered to benefit cardiovascular health, but nothing was exactly known concerning the way it was supposed to work. It was in the country of California that 5 people died, belonging to each group of 55 to 60, due to colon cancer.

The great part was that cancer was not even detected, and the postmortem report revealed the presence of cancer. 

After a sufficient amount of research, it was discovered that all these five people consumed an excessive amount of the B3 supplement.

Additional attempts are being made to no more about how the supplement works to the detriment of the people and affects their health in the worst possible way.

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How does the supplement affect health? 

It is important to mention that vitamin B3 is very helpful for the overgrowth of the human body. In fact, it is one supplement that helps achieve better energy levels and metabolic capacity to fight diseases.

But then, excessive dependence on this vitamin is a major stumbling block in immunization. The energy supplied by this vitamin helps feed the abnormal cells’ cellular growth, increasing the risk of cancer.

The speed at which the cancer cells mutate and multiply is extremely beyond control, and it can straight away reach the brain and increase the risk of brain cancer. 

It is a serious health condition that must not be ignored at any point. Experimentations on a very large scale have confirmed this finding.

The different types of vitamin B3 levels supplied by this supplement are compared to discover the risk of developing abnormal growth inside the cell. The presence of vitamin B3 beyond a given level is a black box that can affect the Dynamics of the human body.

With the help of ultra-sensitive Technology, the quantity of this vitamin can be easily determined in the human body with accuracy. 


It can be concluded that the consumption of all the essential vitamins must be checked so that no side effect is called in the long run.

Only with the help of all of these factors can the risk of developing cancer at a very early stage be avoided. 

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