Cassidy Testifies That Trump Was Alerted Cabinet Considered Using 25th Amendment

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 29, 2022

Alito said in his letter that it is time to heed the Constitution and return control of the abortion discussion to the people’s elected officials.

The 78-page ruling was endorsed by Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett—three of whom were chosen by the late President Donald Trump.

Cassidy Testifies That Trump Was Alerted Cabinet Considered Using 25th Amendment

During the events and meetings that led to the uprising at the Capitol, Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows and a veritable fly on the wall, testified at length Tuesday that Trump was frequently agitated and lash out at staff in an effort to maintain control after he lost the 2020 election. She claimed that because of his actions, Cabinet members had thought about using a constitutionally permitted remedy.

Cassidy Testifies That Trump Was Alerted Cabinet Considered Using 25th Amendment

Trump’s closest advisors and White House lawyers urged him to address the nation on January 7, 2021, the day following the attack, in order to preserve his legacy and fend off a potential attempt by members of his own Cabinet to remove him using the 25th Amendment.

“There was much concern about the likelihood of the 25th Amendment being utilized and concerns about what would happen in the Senate if it was — if the 25th was called,” said Hutchinson. 

She remarked, “You need this as cover,” which was a component of their case against Trump.

Pat Philbin and Pat Cipollone, two of Trump’s attorneys, wanted him to denounce the rioters, swear to hold them accountable, and admit the election was not rigged. Hutchinson said that Trump attempted to grant them a general pardon in the address. 

While Trump recorded the address in the end, he once more claimed erroneously that he had won the 2020 election without making any mention of arrests or pardons.

Cassidy Testifies That Trump Was Alerted Cabinet Considered Using 25th Amendment

The Vice President may be installed as President by the Vice President and the members of the Cabinet under the 25th Amendment in the event that the incumbent President becomes disabled. 

Trump’s own former advisers and aides have frequently characterized Trump as nearly out of touch with reality throughout the six Jan. 6 select committee sessions so far, unwilling to recognize his defeat and advancing ludicrous conspiracy theories to contend that he had won the 2020 election.

Richard Donoghue, a former deputy attorney general, described last week how he looked into Trump’s numerous false election fraud accusations. He expressed his surprise that when he informed Trump that there was no proof, Trump didn’t become upset but instead merely launched another conspiracy idea. 

In one instance, Trump directed Chris Miller, acting secretary of defense, to get in touch with Italian officials and inquire as to whether they were using defense satellites to sway votes in favor of Biden.

And in early December 2020, after a meeting between Trump and William Barr, who had previously assured the Associated Press that there was no proof of fraud, Hutchinson recounted entering the White House dining room to see a broken porcelain plate and ketchup dripping down the wall. In a moment of fury, Trump threw his food against the wall.

Ketchup was running down the wall, and Hutchinson noticed a broken porcelain plate on the floor.

Hutchinson described how he appeared more agitated and out of control as he attempted to resist the peaceful transfer of power on January 6 throughout her two hours of evidence during Tuesday’s unexpected hearing.

Former President Donald Trump became irate and yelled at Secret Service members, according to Hutchinson, “I’m the effing president, take me up to the Capitol now!”

Trump demanded that the Secret Service remove the magnetometers (also known as “mags”) meant to screen out potential threats to the president when it was informed that armed protesters carrying AR-15s, pistols, and body armor had gathered outside his “Stop the Steal” rally and later transformed into a riotous mob attacking the Capitol.

According to Hutchinson, Trump allegedly added, “They’re not coming after me.”

Trump asked that his Secret Service team bring him to the Capitol to address lawmakers as soon as he left the speech he had given to his fans. Trump allegedly moved to try to grasp the wheel of his own vehicle when they refused, claiming the need to protect him, according to Hutchinson.

Hutchinson described Trump as being effectively cut off from his advisors as the attack on the Capitol progressed and recalled her attempts to get Meadows to tell Trump how serious the situation was.

Later that day, according to Rep. Liz Cheney, Fox News personality Sean Hannity spoke with President Trump and informed him that he may be impeached or removed from office under the 25th Amendment.

Hutchinson recalled former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo telling Meadows that the other Cabinet members were seriously considering invoking the 25th Amendment at the time he was building the basis for a potential White House run.

In fact, after discussing the 25th Amendment with Pence, the former secretary of education Betsy DeVos later told the news that Pence had rejected the notion.

“I wanted to learn more about the law itself and see whether it applied in this situation. There were numerous individuals who engaged in such internal discussions, DeVos said in a news. She later came to the conclusion that it was unlikely to succeed and quit on January 7, 2021.

To carry out the plan, Pence, who on January 6 was subjected to the wrath of the Trump mob, would have had to agree to it. Pence stated in a letter dated January 12, 2021, to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that instead of calling for Trump to be impeached, the country needed to recover from the attack.

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