Cat Saves Owner’s Life During A Heart Attack

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 19, 2022

Sometimes animals and pets can assist a human being in one of the most unexpected ways. It can practically make human beings believe that animals are considered to be the best companion of human beings without any doubt. A recent incident in California has been able to confirm this kind of possibility and has made humanity believe in the goodness of pet animals once again. 

It happened to a woman who owned the cat and was living alone with the cat in her penthouse. This particular incident is not only emotional but at the same point in time, it has brought a tremendous amount of efficiency in the long run. It is believed that this incident will be able to result in the change of Hearts of a lot of people in the first place for the better development of results. 

Cat Saves Owner’s Life By Pounding Its Paws On Her Chest During A Heart Attack

The incident revolved around the factual situation in which the 42-year-old receptionist at the Queen’s Medical Centre suffered a heart attack in her sleep. Sam believes she was experiencing a lot of chest pain and discomfort at night. According to her interview, she was in the position to get saved by her cat, who pounced upon her chest. It was only with the help of this action that the chest could be rubbed, and the effect of a heart attack could be mitigated for at least a point in time. 

Cat Saves Owner's Life During A Heart Attack

Her seven-year-old cat also woke her up. She was not even in a position to move her body, and she was experiencing tremendous pain at the moment. After giving some consciousness, she could call her mother, who immediately took her to the hospital. The doctors could confirm that she had suffered a significant and massive heart attack in her sleep. But the entire incident made that person realize that it was only with the help of a cat that the person could reach the hospital at the correct time. Had it not been the case, it would have become possible for the individual to lose her life immediately.


The patient confirmed that this was one of the most horrifying experiences of her life. She could not take control of her body at all, and she was experiencing tremendous pain on her left side. It is essential to understand that even though she is still in pain, she has been able to conclude that pet animals are the most prominent companion of the individual. Nobody can be better if they have a pet animal to take care of. She earlier believed that it is the master who takes care of the pet animals. 

Still, she has been able to conclude that the pet animals are smart enough to take care of themselves, but rather the human beings depend upon them. This is a very emotional story and has made humanity believe in the goodness of pet animals once again. Even the doctors were in the position to reconfirm that if in case the patient had not reached on time, then there was a bleak chance of survival left with the patient. 

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This story has been able to teach a lot of people the importance of taking care of pet animals. This is one of the most essential and valuable perspectives which must be taken into consideration to evaluate the utility of these kinds of animals who are always there for the assistance of individuals.

This is the beauty of the relationship that the human being can enjoy with these kinds of pet animals, and this cannot be this regarded in any regard. It has been able to achieve a considerable amount of well-being over the period. The combined effect of all of this will promise the best results. 

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