Covid-19 Vaccines Can Prolong Periods- Study Says

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 30, 2022

The pandemic has introduced many changes inside the body of human beings, and the immunity of women has also been affected to a great extent. Starting from the medication taken to cure covid 19 and extending until vaccination and booster doses, many changes have been introduced inside the body, and some are now becoming permanent. According to the study published by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in California, the combination of two doses of vaccination and the booster dose has resulted in causing longer periods in women. 

Initially, many cases were reported in which the women were experiencing delayed periods, but the long-term repercussions have been the duration of the periods, which has increased. This means that the average length of 3 to 5 days extends to after 10 to 15 days. This problem has been reported by most women in the United States of America and the Eastern part of Europe. The reason why this is happening is yet to be discovered. 

Exact Reason Behind In This

It is important to mention that the team of doctor Alison, a professor of gynecology at the Oregon Science University, has conducted a huge experiment on many women to see if this effect is permanent. Data of 20000 vaccines needed and 5000 people were collected from different parts of the world, and accordingly, the length of the cycle of each of them was studied. The results have been surprising because bleeding does not stop anytime soon for the people who have taken both doses of waxing, including the booster dose. 

Covid-19 Vaccines Can Prolong Periods

The next date of the period comes so quickly that the woman has not recovered from the trauma and the weakness of the previous period. The reasoning behind this formula is not yet clear, but it is believed that vaccines increase blood clotting, due to which the blood flows at a very lower speed during the menses. Accordingly, the time taken for the blood to come out increases, and this might be one of the stories that support longer periods after vaccination. Still, there is no scientific evidence to support this. 

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What can be done now? 

Nobody wants to experience the invitation of longer periods, but there is no way to rule out this possibility for the time being. No medication and no therapy are being developed to reduce the length. According to the advice of the experts, individuals can always undertake exercise and meditation, which can be effective in reducing the length to an extent. 

But whether it would be a long-term mechanism is something that has to be discovered for the time being because there is a very less chance of this being a permanent solution of this method until the exact cause of the same has not been discovered. So accordingly, an individual must support all the kinds of experiments that are being conducted in this regard to see if a possible solution can be developed. 


The women’s immunity is very weak, and regular menses every month are also responsible for taking away a lot of blood from the women’s bodies. Replenishment of the blood quantity that has been lost at the time of periods takes time, and if the length gets enhanced, then the time available for this replenishment would be reduced considerably. An individual has to be particular about the physical requirements and certain factories, which should not be ignored at any cost. It is only because of the combined possibility that a possible solution can be developed. It is definitely going to take time but it is believed that a solution would be available anytime soon. 


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