Critics’ Choice Awards 2022: Full List Of Nominees And Winners

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 16, 2022

After the 9th January ceremony, it was just two days before the 27th Critics Choice Award we’re arranged. This program was conducted on March 13, 2022.

Critics’ Choice Awards 2022: Full List Of Nominees And Winners

This is a flagship event of the entertainment industry that explicitly covers all the movies and web series, including the web shows. All of them are subjected to public polls and criticism.

Critics' Choice Awards 2022 Full List Of Nominees And Winners

The best one of them is awarded annually with this award. It has been able to cover at least 525 music albums and videos. 


This is one of the biggest platforms that help recognize the best piece of entertainment. This piece of entertainment was able to either generate a social message or at the same time promote better well-being for a change in perception towards a particular instance. This year the event was hosted by none other than Taye Diggs. 

This ceremony was an international affair organized in the hotel Fairmont Plaza. This beautiful place in Los Angeles was the perfect destination to host such a grand and global event. This particular ceremony was followed by the tradition of Bafta in England. 

Aim of the Ceremony

This special ceremony could cover all the essential types of awards that had to be stoned to all the deserving candidates for teaching the fantastic performance. This was how the performance of all the amazing actors, actresses, music artists, directors, and other types of people had to be uploaded. All the efforts have been put in to present themselves differently. 


One of the most critical components of every award ceremony is the nomination and the declaration of the winner. In the entertainment industry, the two most important types of applause are the award for the best actor and the best actress. It was a massive list of transitive words that were nominated for these categories in the first place. Among the nominees were Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicolas Cage, Andrew Garfield, Peter Dinklage, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith, for the best male actor. In the female category Olivia Colman, Jessica Chastain, Alana Haim, Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, and Nicole Kidman were named for the award of best actress. 


This time, the entire concept of these awards underwent A complete change because the actors and actresses of the movies were honored, and those belonging to the television industries were honored. It was a big applause in itself and a massive Shootout to the natural talent. The award for the best actor was won by Will Smith and the award for the best actress was won by Jessica. 

The award for the best director was taken away by Jane for producing the masterpiece in the form of the Power of the Dog. Even the award for the best movie was taken away by the dog’s power. This movie has been able to produce wonders because it has claimed around 3 to 4 awards and so many nominations. Even the best screenplay award was taken away by this particular type of film altogether. It is a massive achievement for oneself. 

This award ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies conducted to honor the talent every year based on the critics of the people. It helps in technology and the effect of the people who have entertained us. 

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