Can’t Keep Up With Your Weekly Workouts? Here Is The Solution For You

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 2, 2022

Office, boss, partner, children, relaxation, life can be a mess. Managing the personal life, professional life, and health at a hand is not a simple task. 30 or 40 minutes on a weekday cannot be spared for anything other than a high-priority matter. We usually consider exercise or workouts as secondary when it comes to prioritizing daily tasks. 

Exercise On Weekend-Only Is Beneficial?

We are all well aware of the need for performing regular exercises and being fit and healthy. The busy schedule always keeps us away from it. What if you can fruitfully utilize your weekend for workouts? That is really convenient, right?

Don't Have Time To Work Out During The Week

There are valid studies on this topic. Experts proved that healthy well-being can be attained by weekend exercises too. It is reported that 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise on weekends can be equated with a 5-day exercise plan if planned and executed properly.

Physical exercise along with a balanced diet can be helpful for lowering cholesterol, maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing the possibility and risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, promoting your sleep quality, and keeping you stress-free.

Try these…

Here is the list of exercises that you can incorporate into your weekend exercise plans.   

Yoga: Yoga is a relaxation for your body and mind. If you are not finding time to perform Yoga every day, don’t worry, weekend Yoga will be also effective. Choosing Sunday and Saturday as your Yoga day can be an elevation to soul and body.

Sprints: Sprints are cardio exercises like running, jogging, walking, and cycling. Sprints have numerous health benefits. Sprints help you improve your athletic performance, preserve your muscle mass, boosts your power, and stabilize your strength. 

Wall ball throws: Wall ball throws are considered to be an effective mode of exercise that helps you to improve your sports performance, strengthen your upper body and improve core stability. Take a squat position. Bend your knees and keep the ball on your left hip and extend your legs. Rotate the left foot and throw the ball to the wall and catch the ball. Wall ball throes will be helpful to make your body flexible. 

Push-ups: Push-up excerpts are good for men and women. They help to improve core strength, shape your arms, and improve your overall fitness. Taking expert suggested postures for push-ups is important as they benefit the galangal health. See that you are keeping your arms at shoulder height. Shoulders should be wide apart. Then bend your elbows and bring your body close to the floor. See that you are inhaling and exhaling slowly along with each up and down movement.

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Tips for you…

It is not worth going for a sedentary lifestyle. It is time for you to rethink and decide on weekend workout plans. Here are a few tips that can be beneficial for you. 

✅Utilize maximum time for workouts. It is suggested 150 minutes if moderate and 75 minutes if vigorous for Sunday and Saturday.

✅See that you are focusing on all muscle groups. 

✅It is suggested to start with aerobic exercises such as cycling or jogging. 30 minutes can be spent on aerobic exercises. 

✅Have a Yoga mat, resistant band, and skipping rope, you will find it easier. 

✅A Yoga mat that is suitable for the size and workout style can make your workout hassle-free.

✅Blind follow-up on any available online exercise plan won’t be worth it for you. Make sure that you are following a well-designed program that is suitable for your weight fitness goals. 

✅Working out under an expert’s instruction is the most accepted method as it is scientific. It is ok if you choose a personal trainer or a group trainer. 

✅A well-designed fitness program includes all types of physical activities. Feel free to commit all types if you don’t have any remarkable health issues. 

✅Focus on cardio exercises that can improve your muscle strength and general health. 

✅Along with exercises, it is important to be active throughout the day. Keep yourself vibrant. Take a walk even during your working hours. See that you are keeping yourself fresh and vibrant. 

✅Exercise should walk abreast with dietary plans. Exercise is beneficial only if you are accompanying it with a healthy diet. Always be aware of your portions and calories. You will see magic. 


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