With Doordash And Uber, Walgreens Introduces A Free Paxlovid Delivery Service

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 10, 2022

Walgreen has launched free Paxlovid delivery in partnership with DoorDash and Uber, aiming to reach the doorstep of the patient in need. Walgreen provides same-day delivery service for more than 8,000 locations.

People can access the service online by submitting the prescription to the participating pharmacy. The individual can select the same-day delivery by visiting walgreens.com/PrescriptionDelivery, using the Walgreens app, or calling the local medical store.

The program focuses on those people who were in a socially vulnerable or medically underserved community. Most Americans who live within 15 miles of participating stores can access the program. 

More than 34,000 new covid-19 hospitalizations were reported in the last week. The program is initiated to boost treatment for covid-19 considering the rising cases in the country.

The steady growth of the pandemic reinforces the critical need for access to life-saving treatment. Paxlovid is considered the most effective method to treat covid when it is taken within five days of symptoms starting.  

Walgreen Team To Understand Patient’s Journey

The vice president of pharmacy strategy at Walgreen, Rina Shah said that there are places that can divert patients’ journey to get treatment on time and block them to get back to a better situation.

With Doordash And Uber, Walgreens Introduces A Free Paxlovid Delivery Service

So, the Walgreen team is working to understand the patient’s journey and provide a solution to help address that. 

Transportation can be considered a major barrier for those who are seeking healthcare but creating a possible and effective way to tackle such a situation can reduce the effect of the diseases. When considering the growth of the covid cases which rises the hospitalization rate made the authority thinks of further solutions to manage the growth rate. 

Walgreen also plans to elaborate their service by providing services to other diseases which include HIV. To Biden’s administration goals, Walgreen is accelerating their efforts to find ways to provide treatments for such diseases and abolish them completely from the US. 

A Federal Test-to-Treat initiative was launched by the Biden Administration in March, that focuses to provide access to Paxlovid medicines who are affected by covid.

The initiative was much useful to locals because in their one visit they can have testing and prescriptions. These initiatives were a big relief to the people who are working and can not gets sick leave most often.

According to health analytics company IQVIA, the report says that home delivery programs can control the overflow of people to the pharmacies during the time of the pandemic. And 9% of all new prescriptions in 2019 were abandoned at pharmacies.  

The experts say that producing such services enables health care to reach another level. The healthcare sector concentrates on possible ways to make services available to people who are in need without any time lag.

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This kind of service can make us realize that healthcare can be done anywhere, not only within the four walls of hospitals or clinics.

Walgreen is an integrated healthcare, pharmacy, and retail leader with a 170-year heritage of caring for the community. Walgreen is operating nearly 9,000 retail locations around America, the U.S., and Puerto Rico.

Walgreen always focuses to provide a wide range of pharmacies and healthcare facilities, especially for underserved communities who do not have access to improved or advanced healthcare services.

To provide high-quality products and services, Walgreen offers fully integrated physical and digital platforms which were supported by the latest technology that makes the services more accessible to all the communities of the nation. 

Anita Patel, PharmD, vice president of pharmacy development at Walgreen, said in a statement that their team will continue to help people by providing trustful services and play an essential role to save the people from the covid-19 pandemic by accessing them with vaccination and testing facilities and treating them safely, effectively and fairly.  


🔵 Walgreens (2022) Prescriptions Delivered To You Available [Online] at: https://www.walgreens.com/topic/pharmacy/prescription-delivery.jsp?ban=EPRXFY21_RxSDD_Vanity_prescriptiondelivery_04.14.21

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