Down Syndrome Men’s Thinking Skills Are Boosted By Hormones – Study

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 6, 2022

Down syndrome is the disorder of your chromosomes, specifically a genetic 21 chromosome disorder and is known to cause developmental delays.

Whenever a person is born with an extra chromosome, they will be experiencing down syndrome. More than a million people are susceptible to the same every year. It also disrupts the characteristics of your facial feature. 

When a person is exposed to down syndrome his IQ will become as low as 50, which is equivalent to a child less than 10 years of age. Your body is naturally capable of producing GnRH but when you are affected by Down syndrome, it has a direct impact on these GnRH levels. Your body will produce only lower levels of GnRH when affected by Down syndrome and this also has an effect on puberty and leads to infertility. 

To boost the thinking capacity, especially in men research has been undertaken in the recent past, one among which namely, the small scale study, suggests the thinking capacity can be boosted when you inflict the brain hormone. More particularly, when your brain hormone is associated with fertility.

In Small Study, Hormone Boosts Thinking Skills In Men With Down Syndrome

A group of men, all of whom were inflicted by down syndrome were studied by medical experts. The medical experts tried giving them doses of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, (GnRH).  Positive reviews were shown by all of these men and a gradual improvement in memory and attention was noted within a few days. 

Down Syndrome Men's Thinking Skills Are Boosted By Hormones

Since the medical experts could see visible improvement, they continued the GnRH dose regularly for over half a year. The patient showed great improvements during this period. There was almost a 35% – 40% improvement in nine out of the patients who were affected by down syndrome. This treatment was overlooked by doctors in the brain team and reports were analyzed by them. 

To date, there has been no proven treatment for curing down syndrome and boosting thinking capacity. But the presence of GnRH changes the entire situation. The GnRH dose, if tested in a larger group of clinical trials could make a revolution in the medical industry and become the first of its kind to treat patients with down syndrome. 

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GnRH will also help patients who are exposed to thinking deficits. There is no proof of a 100%  cure for down syndrome as of now but there will be a significant improvement as it takes the patients to a better state than they are now. On a scale of 1-10, when exposed to GnRH doses regularly will bring you to at least two or three points on the scale and this is much better as the patient could live a little more independent now as offered before where his thinking and behavioral skills were lacking entirely and he was completely dependant on others. Regular doses of GnRH are known to give proven results. 

GnRH is known to improvise the cognitive behavior skills of an individual and therefore in addition to helping the patient, it also helps the caretakers of the patient indirectly. After multiple studies and research, medical experts have concluded in addition to treating down syndrome, GnRH also treats age-associated brain diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. GnRH helps in the release of hormones as it spurs the pituitary glands. As far as your brain is concerned, GnRH has an impact both on your cortex and hippocampus. By having an impact on these two brain areas, GnRH improves learning and memory skills. 

More than 35% of the patients have reported a boost in their memory skills post exposed to GnRH doses.  The medical experts are giving small doses of GnRH to patients every two hours and observe the results daily. With newer discoveries in the medical field, researchers are targeting to find a permanent cure for Down Syndrome and are treating the syndrome one step at a time.


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