Exercises Can Outrun Your Bad Genes – What Study Says?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 29, 2022

It is already known that the human body functions according to the composition of the genes. Most of the problems and disorders of the human body, including likes and dislikes, are associated with genetic issues. In such a situation, it has to be mentioned that the root cause of almost every problem is nothing but genetics inside the human body.

Be it the weight of the person or, at the same time, the mental depression of a person, all can be easily connected with genetics. The number of years a human body can function depends significantly on genetics. 

Study Finds That Sitting Less Will Help You Outlive Your Bad Genes And Live Longer

A new study has revealed a path-breaking result. Regarding this new finding, you can quickly try to Run your bad genes and bring all the positive effects inside the body. The University of California has conducted this study

Exercises Can Outrun Your Bad Genes

According to the research, you can quickly increase your life by probably sitting less and exercising more. This will make your bad genes ineffective. So, you cannot blame the bad genes for a shorter life span because you now have the remedy in your hand to increase your life. 

Findings of the study

The results have been published in a journal of aging and physical activity. According to the result, there is a tremendous amount of association between the body’s genes and a particular person’s lifestyle over the period. A sedentary lifestyle is often responsible for increasing the impact of unhealthy Genetics on the body. It is also responsible for developing a sufficient impact on the body. Physical activity must be increased, so those bad Genetics do not reduce the number of years you live.

The findings have been obtained by experimenting on around 5500 men and women. The study began in the year of 2012. Not only this but also as a part of the study of the year 2012, the physical activity of these people was recorded as a part of its experiment. Today the age of all these men and women is approximately 63 years. A device was given to each of them to record their physical activity after taking an accurate report of their Genetics and even notify the health of their Genetics to these people.

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According to the result, all the people who had practiced a very intense workout throughout these years preferred to sit less, healthy enough to sustain themselves even longer.

It is also important to note that even if the Genetics of these persons were not in a good state, with the help of intense workout sessions, they could overcome the side effects of the same.

 Accordingly, this proved that with the help of workouts and exercise, the effect of bad Genetics on the human body and the person’s lifetime could be reduced. It is considered an effective method with the help of which better functioning of the human body can be achieved.

Long term effects

This finding can be genuinely helpful in order to control the long-term effect on the human body. It is also essential to understand the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance so that the human body can cope with any genetic disorder it is already facing. 


All of this is genuinely helpful for better human health. This kind of chance has the efficiency for better management. In light of all of these changes, the human body should cope with a new habit so that different types of disorders and diseases that can inherently develop inside the body can be prevented.


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