Eyesight Was Restored With Cornea Implants Made From Pig Skin!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 18, 2022

In one of the recent kind of pilot studies, it was discovered that a cornea implant made out of collagen had been discovered, and a team of 14 volunteers benefited from this program. This Cornea implant has been developed with the help of the enzymes and tissues taken away from the pig skin.

How It’s Possible?

It is also essential to understand that this kind of testing is essential because, with the help of this cornea, the vision of 14 volunteers have been restored, which were utterly blind sometime ago. 

Eyesight Was Restored With Cornea Implants Made From Pig Skin

This kind of development would help particularly improve the vision of so many people fighting the problem of visual impairment. The research is considered to be at the beginning stage, and it is expected to involve a considerable amount of changes and further development for the time being. This is expected to be the first milestone in this particular direction. 

Issues that matter

Every year more than one billion people have to lose their vision due to the natural weakening of the eyes or any other kind of disease or internal deficiency which may cause blindness. Around 40% of the blindness is caused when the crystal-like liquid is discovered to be disrupted, and this crystal is nothing but the cornea of the eyes with the help of which the reflection of the rays takes place for the development of the image on the retina. A minimal amount of treatment is available concerning the treatment of cornea to restore the individual’s vision. 

This is one of the most critical concerns which must be taken into consideration over some time. But with the help of this study, the disease of blindness can be cured easily with the help of the implant without even finding a human Donor. Finding a human Donor is very difficult, which is why the scope of recovery from this kind of disease is significantly less. But it is essential to mention that this research is likely to become a way of hope for many people who are still fighting this disease over time. 

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According to the research that has been done so far, it is essential to mention that the cornea implant did not depend on the human tissue at all but extracted biosynthetic cornea from the tissue of the pig. It is essential to understand that the pig has been discovered to be a kind of animal in which a large amount of complex human collagen can be discovered over time.

It is essential to understand that this is one of the best kinds of research as a part of which this tissue would be shaped in the form of a cornea, and hence the problem of most of the people who have this kind of blindness would be solved over the period.


The utility of the research from the beginning is very high, but it is not known what would be the long-term effect on the individual who has taken the assistance of this artificial cornea to fight blindness. It is essential to understand in the first place that this is one of the most critical and essential kinds of use of the given system, but with time the results would be able to get better and this is the need of the present situation. 


It can be concluded that this is one of the most important and essential kinds of perspectives that must be remembered before completely understanding the utility of this research. This particular research is in the position to require more assistance and it is considered to be a useful program. In such a kind of situation, it becomes important to understand that this is not going to help the individuals in the long run if they do not support the treatment properly


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