Ezra Miller Accused Of Hosting Children And Their Mum At Farm

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : June 24, 2022

We found that the father of the children was also worried about his kids and their safety, who hails from Hawaii. 

Ezra Miller With Hostages In His Farm

Ezra Miller, 25, also explained in a magazine about the safety, but she wanted to live on Miller’s farm, and she explained that this place can be a healing heaven for her and her children. 

Ezra Miller Accused Of Hosting Children And Their Mum At Farm

Her children are described as ranging in age from 1 to 5 years old. She has disclosed that Miller has provided such a safe environment to her children and helped her a lot to get away from what she has suffered, and she called that an abusive ex.

She has been living on that farm since April with her children. 

According to multiple reports, Ezra Miller was allegedly housing a young mother and her three small children at a Vermont farm.

So many sources have explained the problems related to the safety of those 3 children who are reportedly aged 1 to 5, but without any information, there are unattended guns at the actor’s home. 

According to footage in April we can see that at least eight assault weapons were scattered in the living room.

It has been reported by Rolling Stone that the woman has already pursued a domestic abuse case and a paternity case against the father of her children in Hawaii last May but due to some reasons they both had not appeared in the court and the case has been dropped. 

Ezra Miller With Hostages In His Farm

After listening to all the allegations the father has been denied all abuse allegations which were reported against him. For the last two months, the Flash star has been surrounded by controversies due to this case. 

This actor has already faced two arrests in Hawaii because of his disorderly behavior in a local bar.

Before this month, One of the concerned parents accused the actor allegedly of grooming and using their child who was 18 years old in North Dakota with psychologically manipulative behaviors, but that 18-year-old denied this allegation. 

In the month of April, the father has also reported and filed a domestic case against the mother, but it is still pending. He has reported that the mother has removed the children from the state. 

As the mother has described that the house was heaven for them and said that they may have firearms that were there for self-defense purposes, and they were living in a part of the house where the children have never gone. 

The mother also said that her kids were able to relax more there as they were healing because Ezra was providing them safety and nurturing, and they were feeling so much more secure. 

We came to know about this also that the concerned father has also explained that he was also trying to get his children back since April.

He has contacted the state’s Department for Children and Families and local police to check about the wellness and how the children are living.

He always wanted to know about his children as he was worried about them a lot.

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