Good Trouble Actor Cierra Ramirez. Why is Cierra Ramirez called Miss Thang?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 18, 2022

Cierra Ramirez is an American Singer and Actor. She has been in the position to play the part of Mariana Adams Foster in the Freedom series, The Foster. She has also been in the position to deliver a power pack performance, especially in the spin-off of The Foster, which is none other than Good Trouble.

Why Is Cierra Ramirez Called Miss Thang?

The actress has been able to deliver her best performance for the time being. That is how she began to be referred to and addressed as Miss Thang.

Good Trouble Actor Cierra Ramirez. Why is Cierra Ramirez called Miss Thang

Life and Career Of Cierra Ramirez

First of all, she was born in Houston. She enjoyed a very close relationship with her mother for the time being. She had always aspired to be an actor in the first place. It was very evident that she acted in TV shows at the recent age of 10 years. This was a very surprising and unexpected start of her career which she did not even realize. She even performed her first song by the name of “I am Changing”. This song was able to get a huge amount of appreciation in the first place. 

Better development prospects and the projects undertaken:

After that, she was in the position to make an appearance in recent web shows and movies. There was a huge amount of scope for undertaking various types of targets and emotions in the first place. She acted as Kathy and was able to justify her character in the biggest hit of the decade: The Secret Life. She was then playing the role of a teenager in her late twenties. 

In 2012, she received the most significant start to her career as an adult actress when she was first offered the role of Miss Thang in the best series of all the times, The Foster. This series underwent a huge change to develop its latest spin-off in the shape of Good Trouble, and Miss Thang was again the name of the character that she was provided over the period.

The future course of action

After that, it was basically becoming possible for her to understand and realize the basic situation that she had been in the position to justify her role of Miss thang to such an extent that it was not even realized when she began being addressed as one. She was playing the role of the teenage student who herself did not realize the implications of her life. She was able to justify his character because it was she only who revealed in the recent interview that she faces and comes across the same kind of indecisiveness in real life. This has been the most significant event of her life. 

While counting her blessings, she usually counts this role twice. She has been in the position to realize the kind of fame that she has received for herself in all these years after giving her best performance over time. This has been able to create a huge impact in real life, and she is the kind of development she has experienced in her life for the time being.

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