American Author Josh Peck’s Book ‘Happy People Are Annoying’ Is Finally Revealed, Fans Are Excited!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 17, 2022

The Grandfathered alum claimed that he had had an obsession with food since he was a child. He attributes this to his mother’s compulsive eating habits and urges to self-medicate with junk food. 

Josh Peck’s Book ‘Happy People Are Annoying’ Details Unveiled

He had an almost direct aberrant relationship for eating like a child. He would see friends who would open a bag of fruit snacks without thinking about the other six in the cabinet. He wrote about kids who didn’t have melted chocolate bars in their pockets when their parents cleaned their clothes. 

“I was so obsessed with it that I lied, cheated, and stole to get myself fixed. If that meant snooping through your family’s food cabinet when I came over, I’d do it.”

American Author Josh Peck's Book 'Happy People Are Annoying' Is Finally Revealed

Underneath his ‘Drake & Josh’ costumes, Josh wore ‘Homemade Spanx’

Josh Peck discusses a hidden undergarment he wore while filming his popular Nickelodeon comedy series, Drake and Josh. Peck revealed this in his new memoir, Happy People Are Annoying.

Peck, who is 35 years old, struggled with his weight as a child and weighed nearly 300 pounds at 15. He revealed that he will never forget when the costume designer had mercy on him even after seeing him pull on his clothes for the hundredth time. 

She handed me a tank top that appeared skin-colored and two sizes too small. This sweetheart of a costume designer had made me my SPANX. 

Wearing this fantastic garment, I no longer resembled a giant muffin and suddenly looked more like an angel, Peck writes in his memoir.

Drake Bell and Peck haven’t spoken to each other

Despite their excellent on-screen chemistry, Peck and Drake Bell, whom he met on the set of The Amanda Show. We are not particularly close off-screen. Even though we weren’t filming the TV program, Peck says the world wanted to believe that we still shared a bedroom. 

But once that was finished, so was our connection. It was like summer camp when everyone had to go home. In 2007, he wrote about the show’s demise. Our names would become inextricably linked for the rest of our lives. 

This could explain why the world went nuts over a decade after the show finished when I got married and didn’t ask Drake to my wedding. 

Peck also addressed Bell’s arrest in 2021 for child endangerment and spreading material detrimental to kids, saying he was as surprised as Nickelodeon viewers. When Drake was in legal difficulty, everyone came to me for advice. 

He kept a long-term drug addiction hidden from the public eye

Peck was introduced to drugs for the first time in the middle of his weight-loss journey, and after ingesting cocaine with some pals, he felt relaxed and satisfied. 

Drugs were so effective at masking the anguish of existence that he mistook being high for being alive. He said that night and finally discovered a form of treatment. It was the solution he’s been looking for his entire life, a way to be himself again. 

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