How Robin Williams Helped Matthew Lawrence Avoid Addiction? What Essential Piece Of Advice Did He Receive From Robin Williams?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 17, 2022

It was recently that Matthew Lawrence, who played the lead role in Mrs. Doubtfire, made a statement that he received an important piece of advice from Robin Williams. This piece of advice was related to his addiction to alcoholism. This was an essential piece of advice that was genuinely able to bring a tremendous amount of difference in his entire life. 

What Happend To Mattew Lawrence?

The former actor has become a complete addict of being always drowned in an unconscious mind because of heavy dependence on alcohol and smoking. All of these activities have taken a wrong turn together because they directly impacted his career now. In such a situation, it became necessary for someone to come forward and assist this successful actor in leaving this path and coming back on the path of development and resistance. 

How Robin Williams Helped Matthew Lawrence Avoid Addiction

Receiving the best piece of advice

Both of the actors have worked together in many movies, and they knew precisely the potential of each other. In such a situation, it became necessary for Robin Williams to come forward and assist Matthew about why it was so crucial for him to leave the drugs. He was technically the first person in the life of Matthew to come forward and directly advise him to give up to date because those drugs were not only eating his health but also eating away his life. 

The actor explained that he had tremendous potential, which was getting entirely wasted on drugs. Matthew was able to admit that this was the most genuine piece of advice he would have ever received altogether. 

How a piece of advice changes your life?

Matthew also admitted that most of the actors usually did a formality by informing him that he should stop doing drugs. Because everybody was happy that a successful person like him was getting out of competition due to the excessive consumption of drugs, in such a situation, it became essential to understand that giving an actual piece of advice to someone so that a better development and orientation could be developed is very important. 

Matthew is still very grateful for all the advice and guidance that he has received so far from the senior actor in his life. It amounted to the most significant turning point in his life. He is thankful to them to such an extent that he cannot even express it in words. A considerable amount of change has been brought into his life simply with the help of dependence on these situations. He has achieved outstanding achievements in his life just because he was dependent on the advice given by the late actor. 

All of this information was shared by Robin in a recent interview. This information was essential because nobody knew who amounted to bring the most significant change in this actor’s life. It has been one of the most critical pieces of information that have been developed over the period. This information is very inspiring in the first place and shows how one colleague can help the other colleagues to take up good habits in his life which might have a better impact on various factors.

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