Susie Discovers Clayton Echard Is Still In Love With Her At The Finale Of ‘The Bachelor’, Check Out What’s Cooking Between Them?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 16, 2022

Clayton persuaded two ladies to stick it out in the first half of The Bachelor’s two-part finale episode, but he couldn’t get Susie off his mind. He was hurt, upset, and needed assistance because Susie had left.

Clayton claimed that Susie’s departure caught him off guard because she had previously advised him to “analyze” his other relationships. So, he arranged the rose event. 

Clayton Echard Realizes He Is Still In Love With Susie Evans

To understand a testament to their love. Susie’s departure is revealed to Rachel and Gabby by him. And he was completely enamored with her, and also every one of you.

He was also very close to both of them. Clayton informs the presenter that telling the truth would upset both the women, but they deserved to know. 

He says that He can’t go into a relationship with secrets. Whoever he chooses, he loves the most.

Susie Discovers Clayton Echard Is Still In Love With Her At The Finale Of 'The Bachelor',

Gabby stated that she does not desire to be loved the most but rather loved just for who she is. Rachel added that she expected my heart to break over the possibility that he loved her more than the rest. 

Clayton announced Rachel’s name first during the rose ceremony, and she approved the rose. But a despondent expression 

When Clayton shouted Gabby’s name, she declined the offer to stay. Clayton walked out after accepting Gabby’s rejection. 

Gabby approved the rose a second time when Clayton requested her to. Both the women have decided to stay.

It’s time to meet Clayton’s parents and siblings. Clayton’s father chastises him for mishandling the hearts of women. Clayton’s mother is dissatisfied with him and believes that both women are a consolation prize. Gabby and Rachel arrive for their visit with the parents, and everything goes smoothly. 

Both women are attracted to Clayton’s parents. Clayton informs his parents that he is “confused” and “lost.” Like Gabby and Rachel,  Susie’s departure completely turned his life upside down. His parents believe he is completely insane.

Clayton tells his parents his heart is here with these women. And so now his heart is out outside these walls with Susie. His mother says that she abandoned him. His father then says that he was talking rubbish. She decided to go for a walk.

Clayton responds that she had everything. She’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of gal. Then his mother asks why he was sexually involved with these two women. She enquires to him Why he messes that up. Clayton adds he has a feeling his heart is prompting him to do this. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

Jesse Palmer walks in the door in a moment of extreme “Bachelor” enchantment. And can he figure out why he’s there? Clayton, to inform him that Susie is still in Iceland. She was never gone. 

Clayton says that he didn’t realize she was still here. All he wants is one more shot. That’s all he has to ask. All he wants is a response. 

So, what’s next? We won’t know until part 2 of the final airs tomorrow night. But one thing is sure: Rachel and Gabby will be dissatisfied.

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