Hillary Clinton Describes Clarence Thomas As Someone Of Resentment

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 29, 2022

Recently Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said Clarence Thomas, who has always been a “person of grievance, she has known since they were at Yale Law School together in the ’60s.

Thomas was part of a Supreme Court majority opinion which has been released on Friday that stripped away constitutional protections for abortion, endangering millions of women in the US.

Hillary Clinton Describes Clarence Thomas As Someone Of Resentment

Clinton, who is a former first lady and Democratic presidential candidate, warned that the court’s conservative majority will continue to try to turn back the clock on constitutional rights and she wants the major changes to be done.

Hillary Clinton Describes Clarence Thomas As Someone Of Resentment

While commenting on the decision on CBS this morning, Clinton has ripped into Thomas, whom she knows since they both were together at Yale Law school in 1960.

On Tuesday Clinton said that she has gone to law school with him. He has been a person of grievance and he is much more helpful for as long as I have known him. She has also added during an interview on “CBS This Morning” with Gayle King that he is resentful, grievance, and angry.

Clinton has noted that the Supreme Court’s decision was so disturbing, and it was not a surprise, since the right has worked for years to put more conservatives on the court. The current Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative majority, with three justices appointed by former President Donald Trump and that is actually disturbing for her. 

When the Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week Thomas wrote that all of them should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents for rulings that have to be granted individuals the right to birth control access, intimate gay relationships, and same-sex marriage, and this was released in a concurring opinion. 

Clinton has put some points to Thomas which are as follows:

Clinton said of Thomas that he may be on his own, but he is signaling.

She added that He has signaled in the past to lower courts, to state legislatures to find cases, pass laws, and get them up.

Clinton started arguing with Thomas by telling far-right conservative judges and state legislators: She may not get them the first, the second, or the third time, but they are going to get all of it.

Clinton explained, speaking of the repeal of Roe that Women are going to die, Gayle. She added again that Women will die.

Thomas, whose wife, Ginni, has been criticized for her role in the events leading up to the January 6 attack, is now facing calls for impeachment. 

Clinton mentioned that she doesn’t care what political party or religion you are, for her the question is, who decides? 

She has also mentioned the government is not going to be in your bedroom? She also asked if the government is going to be making these decisions? She also said that we all are only at the beginning of this terrible travesty that this court has inflicted on us and what they have to face.

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