How To Handle Out-Of-Stock Products On Ecommerce Platforms?

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 11, 2021

You will some or the other time face a situation when your product is out of stock. Unfortunately, this scenario isn’t quite as simple as deleting a page. Get your strategy for these types of products. You can use these pages smartly for promoting other products.

5 Useful Methods To Handle Out-Of-Stock Products On Ecommerce Platforms

While these pages might not have high conversion rates, you’ll be passing up on opportunities in any case if you don’t make use of them properly. Every page on your site can possibly contribute to your search engine positioning and gain ground in the SERPs.

Useful Methods To Handle Out-Of-Stock Products

This guide will examine why you ought to abstain from neglecting these pages and redirect out-of-stock pages that could affect your search engine ranking. We will look at five different to repurpose these pages in order to save sales that would otherwise be lost, engage with your customers, and keep customers open to the possibility of future purchases. You will also learn key e-commerce strategies to deal with out-of-stock products.

Let’s begin;

Keep The Page Up And Running

Try not to take the page down. Assuming that new inventory is on the way, keeping the product page up and alive because the 404 error will be a kind of worse experience for consumers coming from a search engine or, perhaps, a connection on an online media site. It is highly possible that a search engine bot may remove your page from the index assuming that it’s been down for an extended period of time. 

Relegate Out-Of-Stock Items To The Bottom Of The List

This is a great technique to give less permeability to the products that are not in stock by pushing them down the search and category pages. As an e-commerce store owner, you have the capacity to change your search results and manage how your category pages are shown. And with this technique, guess what, you get fewer disappointed shoppers.

Allow Email Notification

Enabling email notifications lets you tell customers when a product will be available. You can simply add a button saying “email me when the product is available.” The beauty of this strategy is that you get to fabricate an email list. This could come in handy, whether you need to nurture new or existing customers, and in this way, you can handle your out-of-stock product dilemma well while chipping away at customer retention.

Interact With Customers

To perform better on the overall eCommerce platform and make the customers satisfied, you need to get your strategy for product stock taken care of right and implemented ahead of time. You can try and understand your website’s current usefulness and what it can mean for your performance.

Provide Comparable Or Replacement Items

It is literally going to prove to be a smart idea to have a couple of product recommendations on your product detail page. What you can do is implement this same trick when facing an out-of-stock product situation. Direct the shopper toward comparative or replacement items. By keeping this pointer in mind and following it, you can provide a better, more interactive interface for the customers that they would surely appreciate.


An out-of-stock item should never have to lead to a lost sale or a disappointed customer. In fact, you need to deal with it to the best of your smarts. Ensure that you don’t delete or change these pages without considering the potential loss of their SEO value, or you may damage your place in the search rankings (SERPs). These tips would let you maintain your eCommerce website’s connection value and equity and also prevent indexing issues. Additionally, it ensures that you are still satisfying customers even when the product is unavailable at the moment.

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