Improving Ecommerce Sales With Advertisings & Special Deals

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 24, 2021

The Ecommerce sector is a highly competitive business scene that has new entrants very frequently. In such a business environment, it is very difficult to enjoy a steady stream of sales if you are not an established stakeholder of the sector.

Best Ecommerce Advertising Strategies To Improve Sales

Even established sellers and e retail giants offer promotional advantages and special deals to cut through the competition. Moreover, today, people are open to experimenting with lesser-known brands and homegrown platforms. In such cases, what makes or breaks a product deal is its advertising approach and special deals offered with it.

Best Ecommerce Advertising Strategies To Improve Sales

The truth is that the modern-day customer has innumerable products of the same vertical at his disposal. The customer is saturated with options to explore the eCommerce sector.

In this article, the ways to improve advertising strategies and promotional campaigns are mentioned. The right advertising campaign inspires the customers to return to the e-commerce platform and become loyal visitors of the site.

The suggested improvements to the advertising strategies are as follows:

Free Shipping Promotions

Free shipping options encourage the customer to spend more than he had earlier thought of. The customer does not like to spend too much on shipping charges. This is because the customer feels like he is spending extra on the product he can get offline for a lower price. On the other hand, the customer also feels like extra shipping charges neutralize any offer or discount on the original price of the product as you spend exactly the same or more. Another clever tactic is to offer free shipping on the purchase of a fixed amount or more.

This way, the customers mostly buy more than one product for free shipping. This increases sales volume for the e-commerce platform.

Percent-Based Sales

Another sale strategy that brands follow is the offer of a certain percentage off after the customer buys a certain amount of product. This conditional discount allows the brand to sell more products as usual. The value is higher than one product. The discount also lets the brand sell higher-value products to customers.

Buy One Get One Free

One of the proven ways of boosting e-commerce sales volume is a buy one get one offer. People seldom let go of a buy one get one offer because they get two products for the price of one. Such an offer pushes the customers to revisit their wish list and put two or more products in the cart. The offer also pushes people to make a purchase in the heat of the moment.

Flash Sales

Flash sales are also a great advertising and sales strategy as it creates an air of exclusivity for the product. Flash sale offers unique discounts for a limited time period which creates a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind and makes him buy the product at the earliest. The flash sale strategy increases sales volume by manifold if executed properly.


The strategy of sales and advertising helps create an inherent interest in the mind of the customer and makes him buy a product with urgency. Whether it’s a much-anticipated product launch or great discounts, the success of advertising lies in the hype the campaign creates.

John Furrier

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