The Influenza Season In 2022–2023 Is Anticipated To Be Quite Severe

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 15, 2022

The time of the year has come again, during which flu infections are the highest. But this year, it has been predicted by the Centers for Disease Control in prevention that this infection will be very high and scary.

This is evident from the exponential increase in the number of flu infections in a short period reported in the United States of America. It was only in October that 5000 flu cases were reported. 

But just in 1 month, the number of infections has increased to 17000. This time the spread of disease is not only occurring at an incredible speed but also the number of conditions reported two years back during the same time was 12 times lesser than this. That is why all the medical authorities are concerned about the increasing rate of flu infections. 

What Do The Statistics Say About This? 

Over the past five weeks, there has been a 75% increase in the testing capacity nationwide, and 50% more flu cases are being reported in the country. According to the previous years’ record before the occurrence of covid-19, the positivity rate was around 3.6%, which was considered the highest till 2019. 

The Influenza Season In 2022–2023 Is Anticipated To Be Quite Severe

But this year, it was only till last week that the highest positivity rate reported was 13%. This means that out of all the testing done, the number of cases that happened to be cheerful is increasing, and more people are falling ill.

The burden on the existing medical healthcare facilities has also increased. Till 2019 the cases of hospitalization were just limited to 1 to 2%. 

But this year, even before the peak was achieved, the percentage increased to 5.5. There is a considerable shift, which is a cause of concern for the medical healthcare facilities struggling to fight this formidable challenge.

It has already been two years since the country suffered from the worst wave of covid-19. This year it is expected that the situation is going to be worse.

Different advisories and guidelines are being issued for the public to take every possible measure to protect themselves from the flu infection. 

What is the type of strain? 

According to the researchers, the type of workforce strain is powerful this time. This H1N1 virus music is very harsh and hence has been able to impact people from the age group of 18 to 37. The concentration of this virus is typically found across the southern part of the country.

It is expected that the movement to the north has already begun, and very soon, the number of cases in the Northern part of the country will also increase. 

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How to protect yourself from the flu? 

If a person reports any symptoms of flu in him, then it is advisable to visit the doctor immediately so that the treatment can be started and he can be protected from the effects of the flu. In this situation, it is essential to follow every possible remedy to protect oneself from the flu.

The use of masks and sufficient ventilation is necessary so that fresh air can come and contact with infection can be reduced. Contact with positive patients must be avoided. Only with the help of all of these factors can a remedy be decided for the greater good. 


This is definitely not the time to take risks because the flu is very infectious this time. All people must take preventive measures so that it becomes possible for them to sustain life properly without any danger. The government is also taking appropriate measures in this regard. 


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