Famous Hollywood Stars Jason Momoa And Lenny Kravitz Friendship After The Actor’s Lisa Bonet Split, Still The Ultimate BFFs?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 23, 2022

It has been exactly two months since the famous Hollywood stars Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonnet. The two stars have been responsible for mutually deciding to part ways from each other due to many misunderstandings between each other. Because of this misunderstanding, it decided to win to the essential relationship of life in the end. 

Lenny Kravitz Proved His Friendship With The “Aquaman” Star Is Still Going Strong

All of the fans of these two Hollywood stars expected that they would patch up once again, and all would try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In such a situation, it becomes essential to analyze the efforts of both parties instead of only focusing on the efforts of one party. It was revealed that Jason has started developing a friendship with Lisa Bonet. This news has created a negative impact and has shut down every scope of the reconciliation between the couple.

Famous Hollywood Stars Jason Momoa And Lenny Kravitz Friendship After The Actor's Lisa Bonet Split, Still The Ultimate BFFs

The latest Instagram post creates a rift

This was proved when the Aquaman star posted a photo with Lisa Bonnet on Instagram. It is one of the most critical and essential parts of the story that the ex of the Aquaman starter has considered. The star has been able to play a very continuous role in posting all the intimate and private photographs with the famous actress Liza on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

In the recent interview with Lenny, she was able to show her disgust. She even was able to express her astonishment and surprise at how easily people can move on in their lives without even giving a chance to the other person to prove himself. This interview has created a tremendous amount of gossip in Hollywood because this has depicted that the actress was still willing to give a chance to the actor and was of the thought of giving a new chance. But after this act by Aquaman started, she is not in the position to make any step towards reconciliation and bringing things back to normalcy. 

The future course of action

These people have also attempted to stay in touch with each other, but the Aquaman stars soon decided to part ways ultimately. He did not even respect the kind of friendship that they both enjoyed with each other after maintaining the relationship for the most extended period of 5 years. 

This behavior on the Aquaman star has affected the actress to a great extent. She has been shattered to be core because this was probably something she never expected in her life. In the recent interview, Lenny Expressed that she would never be the same once again, and all of the things are different in her life now. One of the most important things that are different is her belief in love and relationships. 

She thinks that she never deserved such lousy behavior on the actor because he was always there with him whenever he needed her the most. But the behavior that he has been exhibiting by posting photographs and by indulging in different controversies is not acceptable. Such a person should be taught a lesson at

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