Kansas Gov. Praises Abortion Vote: But Focuses On Economy

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 6, 2022

The Kansas State of America made a historical decision about abortion as per the massive votes from the people themselves and overturned the Roe V Wade decision in the past June. The US supreme court has declared the amendment that prevents women from having abortion rights. Kansas is a conservative state but has a strong history of protests against abortion ban laws in the past and has done an open referendum on the sudden amendment by the US supreme court.

The decision of the US Supreme court could make hope to democrats for upcoming elections for massive success. The people’s referendum results were welcomed by the President, Joe Biden, and he added that women should have access to abortion and should have the right to make their own health care decisions. The open vote of Kansas was done to know the majority vote that indicates supporting abortion and women’s health or a “yes” to support the verdict of the US supreme court. 

An Abortion Referendum In Kansas Has Been Lauded, But Kansas’ Governor Emphasizes The Economy

Kansas State is one of the only available places for those who want to do abortions safely now. And also the state will allow abortion up to 22 weeks of pregnancy and will provide 24 hours for the procedures and as a waiting period. There will be permission needed for the minors from their parents. 

Kansas Gov. Praises Abortion Vote But Focuses On Economy

The Democratic governor Laura Kelly lead the campaign against banning abortion even though the other democrats in the neighboring states still remain silent or do not do anything for checking people’s opinions. If the November election did not end up nicely for the democratic party, the process couldn’t be successful and will be “on a chopping block”, according to many sources. She promised to keep the wellness of the state now and raise more funds for the public schools as well as providing with new job opportunities. She encourages business parties in the form to improve finances and help youth with unemployment. 

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She has to face Mr. Derek Schmidt from the Republican party in the coming elections. She has support from the youth and from most women. But, there is still to assure the vote of Independents and Republicans centric crowd. The inflation of groceries and daily needs is remain a concern and to be solved faster. Kelly needs support from all community. 

Tony Evers in Wisconsin and Gretchen Whitmer, both democratic governors have also supported the abortion rights movements. And also, in states like Ohio Nan Whaley from the democratic party campaigns on the importance of the rights of abortion and opposes the anti-abortion approach by republican Gov. Mike DeWine. According to reports Shelly said she is prepared and confident for the upcoming elections and she believes in the change, quoting her words, “You know, I think if you want to have a voice in what happens in your life in your world, then it’s important that you take the time, make the effort to go to the polls and elect people you think will truly represent your values.”

Gov. Laura Kelly was elected in the year 2018 after 8 years of Republican governors, Jeff Colyer and Sam Brownback. According to her latest podcast interview, she said that she is focusing on the “bread and butter” problems of the state. Her upcoming budget will provide enough funds for education, transportation, health care, tax reliefs, etc. She could raise funds from the Kansas Department of Transportation, and government agencies in her time. And also her team is also prepared for the campaigns too.

Many political critics have said that Kelly has wasted precious time on election campaigns for abortion rights open votes. But, now it has positively affected the total US to act. Kelly is bothered about the foster care systems and very much focused on the economy’s growth.


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