Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals Her Daughter Lyla Maria Is Preparing To Be The Best Big Sister!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

Katherine Schwarzenegger has recently shared a very heartwarming post on her Instagram. She has been in the position to showcase that her baby Lyra is preparing to babysit another sibling. The picture is adorable in the first place, and the netizens are getting crazy after that. The picture has been able to bring forth the love of the actress towards the kids. 

How Baby Lyra Is Preparing To Babysit Another Sibling?

The famous Hollywood actress has been expecting a second baby with her husband, Chris Pratt. This would be the third child of Chris Pratt. In addition to sharing two babies with Katherine, he also shares a baby boy with his ex-wife.

The name of his ex-wife was Anna Frank. So technically, it was Katherine who revealed this fantastic news. The picture she shared featured her 9-year-old daughter, who was sitting with a heap of toys and diapers and showcased watching the door. She depicted as if she was waiting for the new baby’s arrival.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals Her Daughter Lyla Maria is preparing to be the best big sister!

The photograph has been able to get the highest number of likes and comments yet. The picture is the epitome of cuteness and innocence. 

Welcoming a new member

All of the relatives in the lives of the Hollywood actress have been very happy concerning welcoming the newborn baby into life. They are all excited to welcome another member into their family. All of them in a recent interview were able to reveal this kind of happiness and depict the joy that they expected the new one to bring to the family. 

Even Katherine herself is on Cloud Nine. she is the one who loves kids. In her recent interview with the People, she expressed her love for the kids. She said that she would have a number of kids in her life. She loves how a child laughs; plays, eats, and, most importantly, loves. She is a doting mother to Lyra already.

She is very excited to relive the journey once again and experience the feeling of motherhood once again. She feels blessed that the almighty has chosen her for bestowing upon this happiness for the second time. She couldn’t thank enough all the stars that aligned to give her this immense happiness of life.


Even her husband was pleased about welcoming a new member into the family altogether. He was able to showcase that he really can’t wait to play with his three kids. He further said that only a father of three kids could explain this kind of feeling. This kind of feeling, according to him, is surreal. He was expressed that all kinds of shopping have been done. They can’t wait for the younger one to arrive. This will be the immense happiness of their life after giving birth to Lyra. 

Katherine has been expecting for the past five months. It is only four months down the lane for me to wait for witnessing the face of my second one, she exclaimed in an interview recently. This is the best kind of feeling that any mother could get over the period. She is just amazing.

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