Know The Signs Of Someone Is At Stake For Suicide

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 9, 2022

National Suicide Prevention Week in the United States is an annual week-long campaign that takes place from 4th September to September 10. As suicide is considered to be top of the list that causes death among every age group, it does involve risk factors and warning signs. So, suicide is not a simple cause of death that you can ignore and move forward. It undoubtedly needs special attention!

As per the reports in 2020, about forty-six thousand people in the United States died by suicide. This clearly shows a confirmed case of one death taking place every 11 minutes. This was the report shared by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Be Aware Of The Warning Signs Of Suicidal Ideation

When it comes to the report of people worldwide dying from suicide, the figure may raise your eyebrows. The count is nearly 8000,000. According to the latest reports, about 1.2 million suicide attempts are taking place globally. 

Know The Signs Of Someone's At Stake For Suicide

It is said that the person who is planning suicide will surely develop behavioral changes. These are the initial changes that take place unknowingly in a person’s behavior. When noticed at the right time can save one’s life.  

Though research is still going on to find out the right behavior of persons who have a tendency to attempt suicide, there are certain signs you can confirm in a person who is at a risk for suicide. 

Now, let us look at the behavior changes to keenly watch for in a person who is suicidal.

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Most common warning signs of suicide

Here are some of the commonly seen warning signs that you can see in a person who is thinking of suicide:

  • Looks sad or moody: If you see someone with unusual sadness or mood swings that lasts long, then it may be a warning sign that you need to act on. Depression mostly ends up in thinking of quitting life. So, finding someone who looks really depressed, sad, or worried ask them about the cause of their sudden mood change helps them alleviate their pains.
  • Withdrawing behavior: some persons who were engaged if suddenly seen withdrawing from others, may be a warning sign. These kinds of people avoid friends and never show interest in getting involved in social activities. You can see a loss of interest in such people who once enjoyed being with others. 
  • Unconditional calmness: Due to no reason, if you find someone who is very calm in nature and you have never seen them like this before, they may be the one who is planning a suicidal attempt. 
  • Sudden changes in appearance and sleeping pattern: When someone is in a state of depression, he/she may get hit with a sudden change in their behavior, appearance, and sleeping patterns. Such people will become less concerned about their appearance. Sleeping patterns may seem varied in such persons. They may seem to have an increase or a decrease in their usual sleeping hours.
  • Shows self-harming or dangerous behaviors: The individuals who decide to commit suicide, show some dangerous behavior in them. These include talking about committing suicide, driving carelessly, increase in the usage of health-threatening drugs, etc. 
  • Experiencing any kind of life crisis: Some unexpected trauma or life crisis may lead people to think of putting an end to their life. Some of such cases include relationship break-ups, death of loved ones, severe illness, etc.

If someone you know is exhibiting these suicidal warning signs, don’t hesitate to ask whether he/she is okay or thinking about committing suicide. Maybe such persons need someone to hear their problems that may ease their troubles and elevates positive feelings. 


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