Jersey Shore Star Lauren Sorrentino Discusses ‘Challenging’ Working Motherhood, Shares Album Of Her Child On Social Media

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 18, 2022

Lauren Sorrentino has a lot on her plate! The Jersey Shore: Family Holiday star is candid about the ups and downs of working motherhood while parenting son Romeo. Mike, as well as Lauren Sorrentino’s child Romeo’s baby album, is out now. 

Celebrity Jersey Shore Mom, Lauren Sorrentino, Discusses Difficulties Of Working As A Mother

Lauren Sorrentino of Jersey Shore talks about the difficulties of working as a mother. For all working parents, the most challenging aspect is that they are always doing something. On Friday, March 11, while publicizing Laurens Skincare, the reality star, 37, told us exclusively. 

It’s just that finding the time to plan things is difficult. To make sure I’m kind of everything at the same time. Thank goodness [during the coronavirus pandemic], the globe got Zoom-friendly. 

Jersey Shore Star Lauren Sorrentino Discusses 'Challenging' Working Motherhood

The MTV star then detailed her ideal meeting setting, revealing that she frequently has her mother-in-law and 9-month-old baby in one room while she works in another. 

The New Jersey native said, “Thank God for technology. Despite her hectic schedule, the former agent and her spouse, Mike Sorrentino, hope to add two more children to their family. Get to Know the ‘Jersey Shore’ Kids of the Future. 

Three was always the answer. Lauren stated to sources that they adore the number three. It’s like a number from the Bible. She thinks that’s a lot of kids, but they’ll see whether that’s the aim. Whatever God provides for them is the finest.

Lauren went on to say that the 39-year-old New Yorker has been a “wonderful man” to nurture Romeo.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was confirmed in November 2018. She and her husband, Jionni LaValle, were expecting their third child, to Deena Cortese, who welcomed her first child with husband Chris Buckner in January 2019. The cast’s Seaside Heights, New Jersey vacation home will require an extra playroom. He’s just progressed to the next level. 

Lauren, who married the Jersey Shore alum in November 2018, expressed her gratitude. He’s just an incredible person, friend, and person, and now he’s an amazing father. He recently added one of his best works to the list.

Lauren explained that the pair is having “the nicest time” with their baby boy. Adding that their love just blossomed and became another person. And when you’re in love with your spouse and then have a child you created it out of love. 

It’s as if their heart explodes and they never seem to be in a bad mood. They seem to savor every second of every day. Despite the bustle, they enjoy eating meals together.

After a miscarriage, the couple revealed in November 2020 that they were expecting their first child. Lauren started her skincare company while she was pregnant with their baby. Small wonders. Following miscarriages, these celebrity women welcomed rainbow babies into their households.

Skincare by Laurens, she remarked, is like cleaning her teeth. She isn’t going to look after her skin. Dawn and night debuted on March 15. They have no choice but to do it, specifically if they’re on TV and she’s wearing a lot of makeup. All she needs to do is look for herself.

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