Lena Dunham Was Criticized For Her Body In Her 20s

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 3, 2022

Lena Dunham has finally opened up about the kind of criticism she faced in her 20s during the shooting of the trauma. She is a famous writer and producer and has achieved huge success. The journey has not been easy because she has suffered a lot.

All of this has been revealed by her in a recent interview with the guardian. According to the interview, she had to get criticism for her body and her mental capability to understand things when she entered this industry. This was the period from 2000 to 2012 when she could not openly talk about all kinds of interests as it was considered justified by some important sections of society.

What Was Her Story? 

During the time of Duncan, she had to get trolled for her excessive weight. The movie had a particular scene where the actress had to walk naked. That scene gave her the biggest memory of her life when she could witness many people laughing at her face on her body structure, which was not only very vague but also difficult to manage at times. She never experienced this kind of social anxiety at any cost, and it had to be understood. 

 Lena Dunham Was Criticized For Her Body In Her 20s

She even was under a state of depression for a certain period in her life, and there was practically nobody with whom she could speak her heart. She also speaks up that she was a kind of a person who was already very strong enough to handle criticism. Not only this, but also she was always able to draw a strong line between her personal and professional life, but all the kinds of incidents that she had to undergo during this time left a very bad impact. She has been living a life like this only in this industry until she finally realized to show her middle finger to the world and live how she wanted to live. She still remembers the little girl inside her who cried throughout the night for all the injustices she had to face. 

All of this happened due to a big body shape, but today she takes pride in being what she is. At 32, she decided to go with the flow and not complain about any deficiency in her life because she is beautiful in her way, and it is time for the world to realize her beauty. She has practically given enough recognition in this regard, and her life is much easier today than it was before she joined this industry. 

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More About Her

She also talked about the kind of perception a person must always maintain about himself so that the world does not teach anything negative. It is only a matter of perception that must be remembered by the people at every cost. In such a kind of incident, a person must not lose confidence and must be ready to face the challenge of the world because this world is definitely a very tough place to live. But she also wants to thank this cruel world for making her the person that she is today. 


So ultimately, it has to be said the kind of struggles that she has faced have always helped her to become a better version of herself. She has also requested the people in this industry not to subject any person on the basis of her body shape because it is very demeaning. It is not correct the means by which the Talent can be accessed. So accordingly the best possible utility can be achieved in this method. 

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