The Powerful Mediterranean Diet: Food Rich In Luteolin That Reduces Inflammation And Anxiety

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 27, 2022

The Mediterranean diet, which includes foods rich in luteolin, has been found to benefit your health in more ways than one. 

As an antioxidant compound, luteolin reduces inflammation and anxiety, both of which are linked to an increased risk of heart disease and mental disorders like depression. 

Luteolin can also help fight cancer and improve vision, making it an even more powerful component of the Mediterranean diet. With its proven track record, this diet should be part of every healthy lifestyle plan you implement as well as a good example of how foods rich in luteolin promote health and wellbeing.

Why A Mediterranean Diet?

Science has proven that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fish can reduce inflammation. In this post, I will be highlighting the benefits of luteolin-rich foods like olives, figs, apricots, celery, and tomatoes. 

The Powerful Mediterranean Diet Food Rich In Luteolin That Reduces Inflammation And Anxiety

Olives are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E which is important for reducing anxiety. Figs contain antioxidants that help maintain mental health while balancing cortisol levels

Apricots promote emotional stability by lowering stress hormones while celery is an anti-inflammatory food to relieve joint pain. Tomatoes are high in vitamin C and lycopene which reduces the risk for chronic diseases including cancer! 

Tomatoes also have high amounts of potassium which helps keep blood pressure regulated. Lycopene also helps prevent prostate cancer.

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What foods are part of a Mediterranean diet?

A typical Mediterranean diet consists of vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. This diet has been proven to reduce inflammation and anxiety. Studies show that the luteolin content of the foods eaten on a regular basis determines how much luteolin is in the bloodstream. 

The following list identifies some foods rich in luteolin that are part of a healthy Mediterranean diet. 

  • Vegetables- kale, spinach, cabbage 
  • Fruits- berries (raspberries, strawberries) 
  • Beans- black beans Proteins- eggs (yolk), almonds, pistachios, dark chocolate 
  • Oils- extra virgin olive oil Bread/Grains – Whole wheat pasta

How much should you eat?

Luteolin is an abundant nutrient found in many of the foods on the Mediterranean diet, including fresh garlic, tomatoes, green beans, leafy greens, red grapes, and more. 

The nutrients found in these foods may reduce inflammation and anxiety. To get these benefits while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you should incorporate at least five servings of whole grains per day into your diet. 

You can also include fruits such as blueberries or strawberries to maximize luteolin intake. However, be mindful that this does not work for everyone. If you do not see an improvement after three months of increasing your consumption of these foods, consult a doctor. 

Luteolin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which could be beneficial for those with asthma or inflammatory bowel disease. 

It has also been studied for its effects on anxiety disorders, insomnia, and depression; however, it is unclear how much luteolin someone needs to take to experience therapeutic results without experiencing side effects like stomach upset or headaches that are common with taking luteolin supplements.

Can I eat foods high in luteolin daily?

Luteolin is a powerful nutrient that helps reduce inflammation, anxiety, and chronic pain. It is found in foods such as tomatoes, eggplant, olives, thyme, peppermint, dill weed, oregano, parsley, and rosemary. 

The best part about it? You can eat these foods on a daily basis! These are great to add to your breakfast or lunch meal, or you could make them for dinner! 

Just try adding the following to your food at least three times per week:

• Tomatoes

• Eggplant

• Olives

• Thyme

• Peppermint

• Dill Weed

• Oregano

Where to buy these foods?

Luteolin-rich foods can be found at most grocery stores, but are more prevalent in the produce section. Citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruit, are rich in luteolin.

Other great sources of luteolin include spinach, peas, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and potatoes. Adding these foods to your diet will give you a powerful dose of luteolin to help reduce inflammation and anxiety levels.


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