For His New Biopic, Daniel Radcliffe Transforms Into Weird Al Yankovic, Check Out For More Details About His Movie!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 23, 2022

Most people know Daniel Radcliffe for the role he played, and that role is Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movie series. He also did work in many movies, like Now You See Me 2, Escape from Petropia, and many more. 

He took birth in 1989 on July 23. He is a famous actor, and he has also won many awards for his acting. He was born in London, which is in England. 

Daniel Radcliffe Plays Weird Al Yankovic In His New Biopic WEIRD

At the age of 10, he made his debut in a movie called “David Copperfield,” Then, in 2001, he started working on the movie “Harry Potter.” 

For His New Biopic, Daniel Radcliffe Transforms Into Weird Al Yankovic

About his new movie:

With his new part in “Crazy: The Weird Al Yankovic Story,” Daniel Radcliffe will get weird. According to The Wrap, the film is Roku’s first original biography, produced by Funny Or Die and Tango. In February, filming will commence in Los Angeles.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the biography “leaves nothing back, chronicling every part of Yankovic’s life, from his stratospheric climb to stardom with early singles like “Eat It” and “Like a Surgeon” to his torrid celebrity love relationships and famously filthy lifestyle.” “”

This movie “Weird: AI Yankovic story” will take viewers on an unbelievable trip through Yankovic’s life and career, from his precocious prodigy to the all-time music legend. 

About his looks in his new movie:-

In a new Roku Channel biopic on the life and career of the man behind the Grammy-winning parodies, Daniel Radcliffe will play “Weird Al” Yankovic.

New photos have been taken from the set of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which is in Los Angeles. These photos show the 32-year-old Harry Potter star dressed in a short-sleeved camouflage button-up with simple black pants and checkered Vans slip-on sneakers.

 He is hardly recognizable in Yankovic’s infamous curly ‘do and mustache combo as he makes his way through the film’s set with an iced coffee. 

The planned movie “leaves nothing back and exposes every part of Yankovic’s life, from his stratospheric climb to stardom with early songs. According to a tongue-in-cheek announcement, like ‘Eat It’ and ‘Like a Surgeon,’ to his torrid celebrity love relationships and renowned filthy lifestyle,” according to a tongue-in-cheek announcement.

Yankovic’s Words about Daniel Radcliffe

Yankovic, who also acts as a writer in the film, said he was “ecstatic” to have Radcliffe play him in the biopic.

Yankovic said, “He was so happy about the news that Daniel Radcliffe would be playing him in the film.” “He does not doubt that this will be the role for which future generations remember Daniel Radcliffe.”

When his last film, UHF, was released in 1989, he promised his fans that every 33 years, like clockwork, he would make a major motion picture. “He is delighted to report they are on time,” he said sarcastically on the show produced by Funny Or Die and Tango.

Roku’s Head of Original Scripted Programming expressed his pride in the network for producing the show. Also, this film will be on the Roku channel for free.

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