Phase 3 Trial Of Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Benefits- Company Reports

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 28, 2022

The recent reports unwrapped that the newly discovered drug named Lecanemab is highly efficient at delivering positive results in a large trial. The drug was uncovered and developed by Eisai and Biogen. This drug got approved by the Alzheimer’s research field.

Lecanemab is the latest discovery that seems to be an ideal cure for Alzheimer’s. This experimental Alzheimer’s drug succeeded in many trials and ultimately showed its potential in the Phase 3 trial. The final round of showing the drug’s capability in treating Alzheimer’s confirms that Lecanemab is the solution that effectively works in people facing Alzheimer’s disease condition. It now puts a big full stop to the long-running hypothesis in the medical field. This drug even treats the most common symptoms and causes of dementia. 

A Phase 3 Trial Shows Benefits For An Experimental Alzheimer’s Drug- Company Says

To confirm the results of using the Lecanemab drug, the experts have carried out clinical treatments that showed a drastic improvement in the condition of affected participants. The results were surprising and delivered visible results compared to previously conducted placebo tests for over 18 months. The symptoms were measured using the rating scale and even assessed the cognitive performance of the patients. This was the detailed information recently passed by the medical companies on 28th September. 

 Phase 3 Trial Of Alzheimer's Drug Shows Benefits

The positive results Lecanemab drug delivered made the team of experts stay surprised.  The company said it was a jaw-dropping moment, as they kept trying hard for years to find an ideal drug that works amazingly on Alzheimer’s. Eli Lilly, Roche, Pfizer, and others have faced many setbacks and failures from the very beginning of setting up an environment for developing an effective drug. Biogen and Eisai have already submitted many of their trial results for approval. The Phase 3 trial showed favorable results and proved their earlier findings on the same drug. 

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The final positive data that got in the hands of Eisai was planning to ask the Food and Drug Administration to approve Lecanemab. Eisai has expected approval from the FDA by the end of March 2022. By this time, the drugs company was seeking clearance from the countries like Europe and japan.

Eisai and Biogen kept the majority of the drug detail confidential and revealed only a minor portion to the outside world. They were planning for a detailed presentation at a medical conference scheduled to get conducted in November. 

The successful formulation of the drug named Aduhelm, made Biogen help to recover itself from the failed attempts and is now getting ready to sell the first pack of Alzheimer’s drugs in the name Aduhelm, which got approved by the FDA last summer.  Though the Aduhelm drug made conflicting results in clinical testing, it won FDA approval. The drug that got massive attention in the market helped the company earn unexpected revenue. This drug holding questionable benefits made adults refuse to pay for the drug in a Medicare program conducted in the United States. This made Biogen take off their commercial support for the Aduhelm drug. This even made the CEO of Aduhelm give off his service and step down from Biogen. 

In the case of the newly discovered Lecanemab, Eisai is the lead of this drug development, where the companies still share the profits from selling this drug for Alzheimer’s. 

Though Lecanemab also holds a mixed record in the trials like Aduhelm, the positive Phase 3 findings took this drug to a higher level, which Aduhelm could never even dream of. Lecanemab is efficient in treating Alzheimer’s by eliminating the toxins and clumps of amyloid from the body.


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