Ringmaster Talks Masked Singer Nerves And A ‘Bit Of A Shift’ For The Goldbergs!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 20, 2022

After the Prince’s departure, Ringmaster’s time as The Masked Singer’s runner-up came to an end in the season 7 finale (who was revealed to be an actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson). To put it another way, Firefly came out on top in this year’s contests.

Ringmaster Talks About Her Experience As A Masked Singer And Announces A “Bit Of A Shift” With The Goldbergs!!

It was eventually revealed that the ringmaster was actually Hayley Orrantia, an actress, and singer from The Goldbergs. This week, EW had the opportunity to speak with Orrantia about The Masked Singer, the new songs, and the next season of The Goldbergs.

Ringmaster Talks Masked Singer Nerves And A 'Bit Of A Shift' For Goldbergs

The Masked Singer‘s” seventh season finale saw all three of “Team Good’s” finalists battle for the Golden Mask trophy. In second and third place, respectively, were Orrantia of “The GoldbergsHayley” and Jackson of “Call Me KatCheyenne.”

Is It Exactly What You Expected?

Yes. As you may be aware, there is only so much preparation that can be done in advance. To sing in a place like this, why did you think it would be difficult? A recent piece featured an interview with JoJo, who previously performed the role of the Black Swan. To get a feel for how it feels to sing while wearing the mask, she started singing into her pillow to practice using her diaphragm in a more constrained manner. You can’t really prepare for a costume party until you put it on, no matter how hard you try. In order to develop a feel for moving around and singing in the ensemble, they made it a point to attend every rehearsal on the work schedule. The rest of the trip, on the other hand, was just what they had hoped for. Everyone went above and beyond to help you feel comfortable and confident on stage. As a result, it turned out to be a lot of fun.


The answer was a resounding yes for the group in question. If you’ve ever seen the show, you know that no matter how much fun it is, I find it completely nuts and ridiculous. You have no idea what it’s like to perform in front of an audience or how difficult it is to sing. As a child, music was a huge part of their existence. This is the best sitcom ever, and they cast me and just renewed us for another season. They ended up acting by chance as well. Character singing on the show hasn’t allowed them to reveal anything about my career as an independent musician; still, it’s been a lot of fun for me. As a performer, it was a wonderful opportunity to display one’s unique style and talents. In a circus tent, dressed as a cat, what better way to accomplish this? To be honest, it was a lot of fun.


The Firefly, Prince, and Ringmaster will face off on May 18 in the seventh season of “The Masked Singer,” according to the show’s official website. At the conclusion of the night, one of them will walk away with the Golden Mask.

“There’s a lot of fighting at the circus. Cirque du Soleil and boxing aren’t just hobbies for you; they’re a way of life.” This was mentioned by the Ringmaster, a 34-year-old male.

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