Routine Stress Test POST-PCI Has No Benefit In High-Risk Patients

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 30, 2022

According to a recent survey by the University of Michigan, new research has come forward. This particular testing and clinical outcome and attempt were established to develop a relationship between the active surveillance of high-risk patients with previous percutaneous coronary intervention and the care available post that.

This report was able to establish the lack of benefits that were obtained with the help of routine functional testing. 

The entire study was conducted for 2 years, and within 2 years, no positive clinical outcomes were discovered. The composite endpoint of death from any health problem was experienced by 5.5% of the patients who got routine functional testing versus 6.6% of the patients who did not get any testing.

This has been able to establish that only a mild difference of 1.2% is available against the published result as against Expectations that a tremendous amount of change would be discovered. 


The exact reason this finding has been discovered is not yet known because it depends upon the individual’s genetics according to his immunity level. The report has been published by the European Society of cardiology as well. A routine stress testing strategy can be associated with more frequent angiography. The patients who already suffer the risk of PCI indeed have to Undertake a routine stress testing mechanism so that their health usually remains under control and no kind of problem arises. 

Routine Stress Test POST-PCI Has No Benefit In High-Risk Patients

It was earliest suggested by a report of molecular cells that this regular stress testing is highly beneficial to keeping the patient’s situation under control. But according to the latest finding, the efficacy of even continuing this treatment has proved to be an infective method to cure the problem. In fact, or lack of relationship between the two has been discovered, thereby pointing out the inefficiency of the study. The health department is now developing a treatment responsible for relieving the patient after PCI. It is basically in the light of the best medical cure facilities available that this treatment would be discovered so that high-risk patients can be saved after the surgery. 

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Way forward

According to the existing research mechanism, most individuals are helping to develop a practical methodology with the help of which a better factor could be developed. This is technically one of the most essential and valuable criteria with the help of which a given result can be obtained. 

Analysis of these two kinds of treatments also determines that in a decision to regular testing, some other medicines and equipment may be required for the individual’s recovery over the period. It has also been discovered by the University of Michigan health department that regular testing does not provide any benefit apart from recording specific parameters associated with the functioning of the body. Overall, it is considered only of formality that helps to keep an eye on various factors. It is indirectly going to be helpful, and at the same time, depending upon the reading, future care can be developed. 


At the end of the day, it has to be concluded that this is one of the most effective criteria that makes it effective and essential in the long run to determine the best strategy with the help of which PCI patients can get the best cure. The efficiency of regular testing has already been exhausted, and it is time to discover the latest kind of treatment in the long drive.


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