The Omicron Covid Booster’s Most Frequent Adverse Effects

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 19, 2022

Covid-19 has left no stone unturned to affect the body of human beings in one way or another. Be it the treatment or the disease itself; it has left a grave impact on the human body. Things have worsened after the omicron version of the infection was discovered. An attempt was made to mitigate the effect of omicron with the help of an omicron-specific booster dose of covid. This kind of vaccination has helped build immunity which acts like a shield. 

This kind of Shield is essential to put up front against the infection caused by the virus. But recent research has discovered the side effects this booster shot can give your human body. It can be a very severe kind of infection. The results have reduced humans’ faith in booster doses regarding the protection and the utility it was supposed to provide. The Vaccine Education Centre has conducted this research at a children’s hospital. As a part of the research, two vaccines were studied, namely Pfizer and Moderna. 

Details of the research

Both vaccines have been developed to target BA. 4 and BA. 5 variants of covid-19. Both vaccines enjoy approval from the FDA and the Centre for Disease Control and prevention. Proper clinical trials have also been completed to judge the efficacy of these vaccines. 

The Omicron Covid Booster's Most Frequent Adverse Effects

But after the booster dose of these vaccines has been administered to human beings, some surprising facts have been brought up concerning the side effects of these booster doses on the human body. Clinical trials to prove the same finding have also been conducted. The results of the clinical trials reported the increasing incidences of side effects caused after the intake of this booster dose. 

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Side effects

After receiving 2 full doses of the vaccines, patients were injected with a booster dose to make the development of antibodies possible inside the human body that could be helpful to fight the mutated versions of omicron. But this booster dose has resulted in causing a lot of side effects in the form of pain and headache. The chances of reduced energy inside the human body, thereby causing fatigue, are very common. 

Muscle and joint pain have also been reported amongst the patient, including swelling at the site of the infection. The patients have been reported to suffer from frequent fever repeatedly over time, and this has become the major cause of buddy. 

It has been reported that patients also suffer from joint pains and frequent chills inside the body after getting the booster dose. The most important factor that astonishes the researchers is the similarity of the symptoms found in the infection of the omicron itself and the side effects of the vaccination. The only mitigating factor in the second part of the research was that the incidence of these effects was very mild in humans. 

But it cannot be said with certainty because the trial has only been conducted on 52% of the population, which has taken booster doors for the time being, and it is not known what would be the possible reaction of the people after the remaining people are also included within the ambit. Due to a lack of data, a conclusive determination of the exact issue cannot be determined for the time being. 


Scientists have now been working on the data that would be in the position to take a holistic view of the entire situation concerning all the people who have the booster dose. It would be an effective policy, and at the same time, it will help discover the correct treatment for the possible Side Effects that the people are experiencing.


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