Viva Prime Reviews: Does This Advanced Male Enhancement Formula Really Work?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : September 25, 2023

Viva Prime is the latest high-performance formula for men that is said to enhance men’s sexual wellness. The formula is supposed to enlarge penises and provide lasting erections. This manufacturer states that the supplement’s mechanism is based on breakthrough research. This research showed a new way to enlarge the penis and sustain erections. In this Viva Prime Review, we will analyze the supplement to find out the truth about its mechanism.

Viva Prime Reviews: Does It Increase Your Sexual Confidence?

More than 10% of men in the country face the risk of erectile dysfunction. Over 40 million men suffer from BPH and struggle to get rid of it. As the cases rise, we have to find ways to help men overcome these conditions.

Taking good care of sexual health and providing enough nutrients to them is the only way out. As a healthy diet and proper exercise is hard to keep up with, supplements are the way to go. But, the market is full of male health enhancement pills that make false claims. 

Viva Prime male enhancement supplement seems legitimate with its ingredients list and accreditations. The Viva Prime ingredients they have chosen are renowned herbs recommended by experts. It is labeled as safe for use and has a risk-free guarantee right on its label. But, is this supplement effective? A review is to decide.

In this Viva Prime review, we will analyze the supplement and find the truth behind it. We will examine its ingredients, benefits, and safety measures to help you make the right decision. 

Viva Prime Review

Supplement NameViva Prime
TypeTestosterone booster
Age rangeAdults
Overall Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Unit count60
Dosage2 capsules daily
Viva Prime Ingredients🍀Tribulus Terrestris Extract
🍀Saw Palmetto Extract
🍀Eurycoma Longifolia Extract
Benefits👍Enlarged Penis
👍Athletic Performance
👍Lasting Erection
👍Surge in Sex Drive
👍Improved Sexual Health
Pros✅Manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities
✅Free Shipping fee
✅Clinically proven natural ingredients
Cons❌Stock can get exhausted soon.
❌Available only on the official website.
Viva Prime Side EffectsNot reported
Customer support[email protected]
Money back guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official websiteClick here

What Is Viva Prime? 

Viva Prime is a testosterone booster for men. It aids in enlarging the penis and ensuring the erections last longer. It also aids in improving the overall sexual wellness of the user and enhances his sex drive. The Viva Prime men health supplement takes a different approach from other formulas to tackle the issue of sexual activity.

It focuses on the latest breakthrough that opens the chambers and optimizes the blood flow accurately. This aids in a sustained erection that promotes better sex. The regular usage has given customers a confidence boost. As the prices are considerably lower with exciting offers, the supplement is a great hit among customers. 

Viva Prime Ingredients – How Effective Are They?

All the ingredients used to formulate Viva Prime were chosen due to their clinically proven stance. These bring together the nutrients upheld by different medicinal traditions on one platter. These nutrients actively remedy the user’s sexual health. It also acts as a sexual confidence support.

Viva Prime Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris ExtractTribulus extract is a dietary supplement’s sure ingredient for promoting sexual wellness in men. It aids in the release of luteinizing hormone that produces testosterone. This Viva Prime ingredient supports bodybuilding and increases the efficiency of testosterone. This initiates lasting erections. There have been scientific reports that prove the ability of Tribulus extract to treat ED. It also triggers athletic performance when required.
L-ArginineAs a prominent amino acid present in meat and fish, this Viva Prime ingredient helps in increasing the concentration of nitric oxide in the penis. It acts as a precursor to Nitric oxide and allows blood to flow into the penis. This enlarges the penis making it erect, helping it attain maximum capacity, size, firmness and erection frequency.
Saw Palmetto ExtractThese Viva Prime ingredients have to offer many benefits to male sexual health. It revitalizes the body and sexual organs. It prevents BPH, the noncancerous enlargement of the penis, and other major infections. It improves prostate health and reduces inflammation in the adjoining arts. It increases the energy, stamina, and strength of the user by boosting a healthy libido. 
Eurycoma Longifolia ExtractCommonly known as Tongkat Ali, this ingredient is particularly renowned for its ability to promote sexual health in men. It is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction, male infertility, lack of sex drive, and weak performance. The root and bark of this plant are formulated to give the user more stamina by building a muscular body and reducing fat.

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How Does Viva Prime Male Booster Work?

This Viva Prime male enhancement formula supports the enlargement of the penis by increasing the cell volume. The cavernosal arteries dilate filling the corporal tissue with blood.

For this process to happen without fail, the muscles should be relaxed and be supplied with sufficient amounts of nitric oxide. Then, the corporal tissues will swell and make the penis erect.

To maintain the erection, the penile veins and other blood vessels should be compressed. This happens successfully making the penis stay erect for longer. Scientists have recently found a way to push the penile chambers and make the erections bigger.

The two penile chambers called corpus cavernosa are filled with blood after having the Viva Prime dietary supplement. The Viva Prime male sexual health formula initiates a boost in the blood flow and opens the spaces inside the chambers. This allows the penis to be larger. 

Along with this, the Viva Prime testosterone booster supplement also protects the reproductive system from infections and inflammations. The selected ingredients are proven to have anti-cancerous properties preventing ED, BPH, and other conditions from disrupting your sexual health.

Viva Prime Working

Viva Prime Benefits – What You Can Expect?

Among several benefits brought in by this natural male enhancement formula, we have jotted down the significant aspects. These Viva Prime benefits listed below converge to the primary purpose of the supplement:

To support healthy erections through the supply of super nutrients. Let’s go through these Viva Prime benefits one at a time. 

Viva Prime Benefits

☑️Enlarged Penis

The enlargement of the penis is facilitated by the corpus cvernosa as we discussed above. To initiate this action, the supplement employs L-arginine which produces nitric oxide and other nutrients.

This forces blood into these chambers and leads to the compression of veins and blood vessels. This ensures an enlarged penis that aids in proper sexual activity. 

☑️Athletic Performance

The lack of energy and stamina is detrimental to sexual encounters. It discourages both the participants from the act. Hence, to keep up the energy, the user can have this Viva Prime male sexual health supplement.

This would lead to increased energy expenditure and give stamina to the user. They would also lose fat and gainnnnnnnn a muscular physique in the process.

☑️Lasting Erection

Attaining a lasting erection helps the user to be active for a long time. They would be able to engage their partner for longer periods. This ensures intimacy and pleasure.

The smooth muscles will be able to sustain the blood flow for a decent time with regular use. Your increased stamina and energy will support you in this process.

☑️Surge in Sex Drive

A lack of interest in sex can demotivate people from even trying for intimacy. Viva Prime capsules helps to increase sex drive and activate sexual arousal. The mood upliftment and stress reduction process will add to the process. The user will have an increased sex drive as a result and will be able to focus and think more clearly.

☑️Improved Sexual Health

Your sex organs are comparatively delicate and need to be safeguarded. The cases of Erectile dysfunction and BPH are on the rise. The nutrients in the supplement will help improve the body in anticancer and antimicrobial immunity boosting. You would not have to worry about infertility as well.

Pros And Cons Of Viva Prime Capsules

The benefits are quite promising. But, what about the availability of the supplement? There might be a ‘but’ for every supplement. In our examination, we came across the positives and negatives of the supplement.

These are written below accordingly. Apart from availability concerns, these come under the manufacturing process and quality accreditation of the supplement. 


  • Manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities
  • GMO-free
  • GMP-certified
  • Free Shipping fee
  • Clinically proven natural ingredients


  • Stock can get exhausted soon.
  • Available only on the official website.

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How To Use Viva Prime Male Enhancement Supplement?

The prescribed dosage is two Viva Prime capsules every day. Have this with water to experience a  healthy change. The nutrients would take some time to be actively delivered. But, within the first few weeks of usage, you will see a rise in sexual interest in the user and increased energy. Within three to four months, this Viva Prime dietary supplement will help you have an enlarged penis and boost stamina. Water should be had in sufficient amounts to promote activation and accurate supplementation.

Viva Prime Side Effects

Viva Prime has not shown any Viva Prime side effects as of yet. The customers have mostly an affirmative tone when reviewing the supplement. This shows the standard manufacturing practices enabled in processing the supplement.

In this male enhancement review, the Viva Prime testosterone booster has been accredited as GMO-free as all the ingredients used are natural. The effective formulation of the maximum health support proves that the ingredients are clinically proven to show results.

There are a few cautionary statements that should be noted before having the Viva Prime dietary supplement. Firstly, children below the age of 18 years should not have the supplement. It is intended for men in their 40s and above. According to this Viva Prime review, the supplement has proven results in elderly men.

If you are taking medicine for any other medical condition, consult a doctor before taking this supplement. Store it in a cool and dry place away from windows.

How Long Does Viva Prime Take To Deliver Results?

The average time reported by the customers and experts alike is three months. Within these three months, you will see a change in the user. Even though there are chances that the sexual health support may take longer, it is assured by the manufacturer that a positive gain would happen sooner or later.

The safe and effective formulation of Viva Prime pills has made many customers happy with its action. It will give you the desired results in due time.

Viva Prime Customer Reviews – Is It Positive Feedback?

Viva Prime customer reviews are mostly positive in their response to the formula. They have cited numerous reasons to recommend it to their friends. But, the major reason mentioned often was the surge in sex dives experienced. Many men who used it regularly saw their depleted interest in sex being revived after taking Viva Prime.

Women who bought it for their husband or partner recounted the mood elevation and energized feeling of their man. Senior citizens gained confidence and proper erections after using this supplement and were happy to pay such a decent price for it.

Compared to other brands who robbed their pockets, Viva Prime capsules was a total steal. It transferred their personal life brought them closer to their partners.

How To Place Your Order And Pricing Details?

Viva Prime is only available on the official website. This mandate is for the benefit of the customers. The manufacturer wanted to give the original supplements to echo their customer at inexpensive price ranges. This honest conviction is reflected in their pricing options.

The official website of the male erectile supplement has an insistent traffic for buying the Viva Prime male health supplement. As the stocks are finishing off fast, your decision to buy must be taken soon. If you have decided to buy, fill in your details in the box on the right. Proceed to the order completion page. Here, you will see three options.

  • $79.99 for one bottle pack
  • $62.99 per bottle for the 2-bottle pack
  • $44.99 per bottle for the 3-bottle pack

Note that there is a buy 1 pack and get 1 pack free offer active now. So, if you are buying the 2-bottle or 3-bottle packs, you will get one of each pack free respectively. There is also a free shipping offer present for all packs. 

Once, you choose your pack, pay the money securely and your order will be dispatched. All the Viva Prime purchases made through the website are covered by a full refund policy. This assures that if you are not satisfied with the supplement, return it to get your money. This 100% money-back guarantee saves you from careless spending.

Viva Prime Reviews – Final Verdict

Viva Prime is a natural erectile health support that acts as a stamina and strength booster. It helps in maintaining lasting erections by applying a breakthrough discovery. The Viva Prime sexual health formula enlarges the penis by supporting adequate blood flow into the organ. It then helps sustain the erections for a long.

In this Viva Prime review, the supplement promotes male sexual wellness and the prevention of male infertility. Customers who used it for three months and above have received gains from the formula. It has brought their life back on track and improved its quality. The formulas also provide anxiety support and mood elevation. To sum up, Viva Prime pills is worth a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy Viva Prime pills from anywhere else?

No, Viva Prime is only available on the official website. You can buy it from here at discounted prices.

2. Is the Viva Prime buy 1 get 1 offer still live?

Yes, Viva Prime tablets buy one get one is still live on the website. You would get double the number of supplements at the price of a single pack.

3. Which Viva Prime pack is ideal for best results?

You should try the 2-bottle  pack or the 3-bottle pack. These come at minimum prices and can deliver the best results due to their amount. You will have the supplement even if the stock finishes. 

4. Were Viva Prime nutritional supplements processed in FDA-inspected lab facilities?

Yes, Viva Prime pills has been processed in FDA-inspected facilities. The manufacturer followed the GMP guidelines to formulate the supplement. It is safe and risk-free.

5. How long will it take for my Viva Prime capsules pack to arrive?

Your Viva Prime pack will arrive within a week. It will take longer for international customers depending upon the air transport facilities.


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