What Demographic Should I Target On My Ecommerce Business?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 10, 2021

Stepping foot into the digital world of transactions can often pose numerous barriers to personalization. The main shortcoming of which is the inability to directly interact with your customers.

6 Useful Methods To Target Your Audience

In a physical store, you have the opportunity to engage in an in-person interaction with your customers, which helps you, a business owner, to identify exactly what demographic is key to the increase in revenue and sales.

Useful Methods To Target Your Audience

However, in an online world, interacting with your customer is nearly impossible. That being said, there are strategies you can adopt in order to pre-emptively define your consumer base even through an online world, albeit it requires some careful considerations.

So, here are a few ways in which you can understand what demographic you should target, to boost your e-commerce business

Know Your Product To Know Your Audience

In knowing your product or service, there lies the key to unlocking the type of customer base that you should target. Sellers who truly understand the ins and outs of their product, or rather are a fan of their product themselves, can better understand what the buying habits of their customer base would look like since it would mirror their own behavior to a large extent. As a result, it would be important to analyze the buying patterns and the movement of customers on your website, to truly understand what their patterns would look like. 

Identify A Few Key Factors

Ascertaining a few details about the people who already purchase from you, can be a stepping stone in the process of understanding what your potential customer would look like. This includes understanding exactly how your customers compare products, what content they are consuming, what their buying patterns look like, etc. Basically, make use of analytical and SEO tools at your disposal to understand the psyche that accompanies your current consumer base’s buying behavior. 

Envision Your Ideal Potential Customer

While offering your service to the consumers, it is important to develop an ideal customer by understanding what your customers are doing on your website. Analyzing any data that can be unearthed during the process, or creating personal profiles of your customers to mimic more such profiles can be a starting point in understanding who you have to target your products at. 

Divide Your Demographic

One thing to understand while stepping into the world of e-commerce is that your target audience is going to be quite heterogeneous. As a result, you cannot expect one marketing strategy to work for everyone. Segmenting your customer base is a key aspect of truly understanding who your demographic is, and what you will have to do in order to persuade them to make use of your products. Delving into the buying patterns of each segment of your demographic is a good way to grasp it in its entirety. 

Make Use Of Customer Surveys  

An easy and effective way to understand what demographic you must target is through the usage of customer surveys. Asking your customer about where they buy from, how they were directed to your digital store, what media they generally consume, whether or not they liked your service, etc is a good way to interact with your customer and to find out exactly what type of demographic you need to target in order to attract more customers. You may even ask them to pen down reviews or give your brand a rating in order to understand exactly what needs to be developed. 


Knowing your audience is an important aspect of understanding where your marketing campaigns should be directed at. Define your target audience, and make use of information generated by existing customers to understand the shortcomings of your business, and how you can fix it so your potential customers can have a better experience. 

Nikki Attkisson

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