What Are The Health Risks Of Sleeping With Your Phone At Night?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 3, 2022

The phone is our best companion as they are the only one that stays with us 24×7. We can’t imagine a single day without using our phones as it has become a significant part of our day-to-day modern living. It is the only device that is handy and benefits us in a wide variety of ways. Many of you may have the common habit of sleeping with your phone, right? If yes, have you ever thought of the harmful effects that cause on your body? Though mobile assist you by all means, what is the worst part when it comes to phone usage right before sleeping at night? If you are curious to know more about this, continue reading!

Texting your favorites, scrolling down on the data over the Internet or any of your favorite social media platforms, or watching movies may be your all-time favorite in bed. But what comes in common is sleeping with your phone in sight, which badly affects your sleep quality. As per the latest reports, the majority of the night phone users are teens, and then comes the adults. 

Getting adequate sound sleep is crucial for your overall wellness. Quality sleep occupies the first position in keeping your mentally and physically healthy. So, using your phone at night in bed is a serious matter to consider. 

How Does Using A Phone At Night Affects The Quality Of Sleep?

Studies have shown that the consistent use of the phone in bed has badly altered sleeping patterns and quality. Though most of the phones that hit the market today claim to be safe for use with their advanced features like eye protection mode, does that really matter when you use the phone at night? It delivers serious health hazards in the way you use them.

What Are The Health Risks Of Sleeping With Your Phone At Night

The main reason why it is said to limit phone usage in your bed is because of the blue light emitted by your phones. When your eyes get exposed to these blue light emissions, it affects the melatonin production in the body, which results in drowsiness. It finally results in expanding the time you fall asleep and lowers your overall sleep duration. 

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How does phone usage at night affect your health?

  • Phone stimulates your mind: You may have a strong bond with your phone as it is undoubtedly an endless source of information. Studies have proven that over phone usage at night could provoke a state of arousal in you, making it hard for you to get a sound sleep at night. As the phone is considered to be one of the many interactive smart devices, it will affect your sleep at night., which gradually puts your health at risk.
  • Mess up your circadian clock rhythm: circadian clock rhythm helps you keep your body’s overall functioning on a healthy track. Anything that affects this rhythm results in developing cancer, diabetes, low metabolism, reduced appetite, etc. This could even affect the smooth functioning of your brain. 
  • Lower rate of restoration: Effecting the sleeping quality may lead to poor restoration of mind and body. It could affect your problem-solving skills and memories. 
  • Makes you unnecessarily alert at night: Nighttime sleep is ideal for the whole body to relax and calm down. Using a phone at night makes you feel more alert, which lowers your sleeping rate. It results in feeling exhausted throughout the day time which lowers your energy levels. 
  • Dain out your energy levels: Inadequate sleep at night makes your body get tired. The low energy levels even make you feel more sleepy during the day time which makes you masked from doing things actively. 


Phone usage at night time in bed is definitely a bad habit that you need to consider seriously. This is not a matter that you can simply overlook and move forward. As you may not feel the changes in your body in days, weeks, months, or even years, it is sure that the day will come putting your health at serious medical conditions. So, it’s better to lessen your phone usage and gradually quit this habit to keep yourself healthy.


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