What Is PCOS And Its Causes? Doctors Explain

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 28, 2022

Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common moral imbalance conditions among many women. It usually happens during the initial phase of reproduction. It is considered an incurable disease because there is probably a known diagnosis for the same. It is not only a hormonal imbalance that affects the menstrual cycle of the individual but also has long-term repercussions in terms of difficulties in getting pregnant. 

Also, it is associated with different types of health complications, such as obesity and anxiety. The women who suffer from this kind of syndrome have a low metabolism, due to which the body’s energy levels also remain less, and hence they cannot concentrate too easily on many factors. It is a serious issue that most women worldwide struggle with, but there is no cause for relief. 

What Exactly Is This Syndrome? 

It is a health problem under which an imbalance of different types of reproductive hormones occurs. It also results in the development of cysts and fibroids around the ovaries, due to which the egg is never released into the fallopian tube on time and is also not in a healthy state. 

What Is PCOS And Its Causes

Huge levels of androgen can be discovered inside the woman’s body, due to which a lot of symptoms occur. It can be concerning the release of immature eggs or the increasing incidence of hair on the body. It is not only a problem that has only internal Side Effects but also displays external Side Effects over time. 

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What causes this syndrome? 

The specific reason the syndrome is caused cannot be quoted, but a lot of it is related to the individual’s genetics. Accordingly, it can be said that high insulin and androgen hormone levels are responsible for causing this particular health problem. 

But today, even the individual’s lifestyle and diet habits play a very important role in increasing the chances of getting infected by this problem. All of the external factors have become more prominent reasons why the syndrome happens in women compared to internal hormonal imbalances. It is a serious condition that must be monitored effectively to develop a proper diagnosis so that this problem can be eradicated as soon as possible.


Different symptoms, such as the growth of hair on the chin and chest, including thighs, followed by the loss of hair on the head, are the most important and visible symptoms of this syndrome. Not only this but also the women experience weight gain and abnormal periods during the entire time they suffer from this Medical health condition. Even the breast size decreases, and patches can be found on the neck and elbows. 

The energy levels are very less, due to which a woman always feels tired and experiences mood swings, due to which she also becomes a victim of depression and anxiety. It is also possible for women to experience headaches all the time. All of these are the most common side effects, which can be easily visible and hence depict the occurrence of this disorder. 


It is practically impossible for the individual to cure this disorder due to the lack of available knowledge about what is wrong in the human body. It can also happen due to another important reason, according to which even no kind of scanning can detect these levels. That is why it becomes challenging to show the problem in time and start living a normal life. 


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