What’s Kristen Hanby – Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family, Who Is The YouTuber Dating In 2021?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 24, 2022

Kristen Handby has been one of the most successful Hollywood YouTubers, tik tok and a social media sensation, and an influencer who has been able to set the entire social media on fire. He is a very famous personality who has achieved a considerable amount of fan following on social media accounts. He has approximately 7 million followers on his Instagram account and 8 million followers on his YouTube channel. 

Kristen Hanby – Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family, Dating

This has been the highest number achieved by any person in such a short period. His level of hard work and his entertainment skills have created a separate image for himself in the market. That is why he is also known as a brand. He has become a very famous personality, especially among the young people who love his entertainment. Because of his online presence, he has been able to earn a considerable amount of money over the time being. 

What's Kristen Hanby – Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family, Who is the YouTuber Dating in 2021

Career and Net worth

He started his career on YouTube. He used to make content-related movies and share them with people in the minimum amount of time. Most of the audience on online platforms such as Instagram and YouTube started liking his content, and that is how his followers kept on increasing. He stated that with only 100 followers, but over the period, he has been able to generate a lot of people in this dimension, and now the followers are approximately around 7 to 8 million for each social media account that he has. 

Due to the entire level of hard work that he has been able to showcase today, he earns the network of at least 1.5 million dollars. This is a tremendous amount of valuation that he has achieved in such a short period by just creating online content. In the recent interview, he also expressed his desire to join Hollywood one day and become a successful actor for the times.

Age and Family

He was born in the year of 1993 in Los Angeles. His father’s name is not known, but his mother’s name was grave. He was blessed with two younger sisters. They lived in a closely knitted family in which every person was connected to a great extent. He has always been one of the essential parts of his family who has entertained them with the help of his content and humor. In fact, in one of the recent interviews with his fans, he explained that his family only motivated him to make the entire world love his jokes and another type of talent that he exhibited over time. 


He has been a part of many relationships before the time being. But today, this person can successfully register the maximum amount of growth. Jasmine Brownsword is his girlfriend, who he is currently dating for the time being. The couple has become an internet sensation because they post videos and content on social media accounts that people like to a great extent. It is one of the cutest kinds of relationships in which they are involved. 

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