Who Gains From Using COVID Antiviral? Research On Paxlovid Found

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 29, 2022

Even before the vaccination of covid-19 was developed, the treatment of covid-19 was possible with the help of effective antibiotics and antiviral medicine. These medicines were administered in a given set of combinations to treat a mild level of infection caused by covid-19. But even after vaccination, these antibiotics and antiviral treatments are still being utilized to cure the infection. 

Understanding The Concept

In such a situation, it becomes essential to test the efficacy of these medicines and how they try to impact the body according to their efficiency. This research is being conducted by the health department of The United States of America and the National Institute of Health. The researchers from both institutions have concluded that this combination can effectively treat mild infection levels. 

Who Gains From Using COVID Antiviral? Research On Paxlovid Found

The name Pfizer’s Paxlovid pill was suggested as an effective medicine for getting valuable results within time. But a note and disclaimer of precaution were added along with. According to this combination of results, this level of treatment is meant for patients above the age of 12 and older.


An upper limit of the efficiency of this medicine has also been added up to which this medicine would be effective and beyond which no advantage would be obtained. The study has found that paxlovid is not beneficial for adults below 65.

This report has been published in the New England journal of medicine. But when it comes to adults above 65, this mild dose has helped prevent severe ailments and other diseases. This medicine was genuinely helpful in preventing death and even severe infection. This finding has been obtained after analyzing the medical record of 100000 patients in every age group. It includes the age group from 12 to 18 years and 18 to 65 years, including those beyond 65 years.

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The food and drug administration has also granted this Paxlovid medicine permission and authorization to use it in emergencies. But it is only the beginning of this infection, and not all people are hospitalized with covid-19. This emergency medication is no doubt helpful in preventing infection. This medicine is usually taken along with two more antiviral infections. 

These include nirmatreliver and ritonavir. It was also discovered that after successful administration of the three medicines, the chances of developing a severe infection after covid-19 were used by 14% in all adults 65 or above age. It has helped prevent this kind of illness in the long run. But at the same time, the effect has to be managed and scrutinized over time. 


The risk of hospitalization and even Death was very high for all patients above the age of 65 who did not take this medicine. It was reported that around 58% of the hospitalization per thousand people were reported only in this particular age group. This benefit was, however, not available to patients between the age group of 40 to 64. There was only a slide improvement of the result. 


It can be ultimately concluded that this is one of the most effective and useful criteria in order to evaluate the situation. It is technically helpful in the long run for understanding the efficacy of treatments that help to cure covid-19 in different age groups. The combination of all of these kinds of treatment along with vaccination can be helpful in order to put up a tough front against a kind of infection.


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